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Jul 7, 2006 06:36 AM

Menu for a fundraiser - help needed!

A friend of mine is throwing a garden party fundraiser for a local non-profit at her house in Portland, Oregon. The non-profit supports community gardens so its a somewhat vegetable themed "Summer Smorgasboard." She's looking for some help with menu ideas.

Some more criteria:
- Somewhere around 60 people will attend
- The menu needs to be somewhat affordable
- Portable/finger foods will probably be most manageable for folks as they wander around her garden
- There needs to be something for the kids

Some items in the planning
- veggie kabobs
- hummus and veggies

Maybe some sort of dip/spread that can easily be put on bread slices? Maybe chicken skewers?

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  1. fresh bruchetta on baguette rounds
    roasted/grilled vegeatbles rolled in a tortilla & sliced

    1. I'm catering a similar party in two weeks, for 100 people, with the criteria being "fabulous and cheap." Don't know about the "fabulous" part, but this is pretty inexpensive. Here's the menu:

      Cheese torta (layers of mascarpone, fontina and gorgonzola with pesto)
      Roasted vegetable dip -- roasted red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and onions, pureed with a small amount of vinegar and fresh thyme and basil
      Cherry tomatoes stuffed with cilengine marinated in sauce verte
      Mushroom pate sandwiches
      Carrot muffins with smoked turkey and fig jam
      Sugar snap peas filled with carrot mousseline
      Thai spring rolls
      Handmade parmesan crackers, breadsticks and savory biscotti
      Pecan shortbread, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, lime cookies

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        That sounds amazing. i may have to do my own party!

      2. skewers and strolling may not be a good idea if alcohol is involved ;). Time of day(i.e. make a meal of it)? average age of guests? will they hit all at once or is it casual? Using plates, napkins, or them things that hold a "beverage" with a tray?

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          I see your point about stroling and skewers (no pun intended). I think that it is late afternoon, mostly people in their 30s, casual. most likely napkins and plates.

          1. re: lombard955

            sounds like they won't be trying to gorge themselves then;). Seating limited, nothing involving utensils, dips cause drips...

            assortment of nice cheeses, maybe pates if they're into it, rustic breads. antipasti-olives, good salumi, artichokes, etc.

            portable food, hot and cold. puff pastry and pate a choux make great vehicles for hors d ouevres.

            puff pastry i like to use for "mini pizzas" or vol au vents-get out your ring cutters and stamp away. I've done pesto, roast veg, cheese, fresh tomato slices on a puff disk with evo s&p. carmelized onion a la pissadeliere. roast red bells, anything workd on em. vol au vents stuff with a ratatouille, caponata, etc

            Pate a choux, gougeres are great. Cut in half and stuff-Zuni Cafe i think has a recipe for a blt with arugula bacon and toms. also stuff with rost veg, etc.

            if you have the ability to hold cold you can also include: seared ahi(the cheap saku block ain't expensive)or "tuna salad" dressed up; poatoes a la russe; chix salad(maybe curried) in you're bouches so on. small blini with sour cream and fish roe(doenst have to be high end).

            If hot holding and ya got a grill-pizzas cut into serving portions, grilled baby chokes, assemble stuff in front of the crowd-they love it.

            See what you can incorporate from your gardens-if possible.