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Jul 7, 2006 06:11 AM

EMPRESS on Sunset Strip; BLD and Eat Well on Beverly Blvd.

Well, Empress opened last night in the remodeled Sushi on Sunset digs. It looks stunning from the strip, yet has anyone been there yet for their soft opening? East meets west philosophy of cooking, so I hear. Chef is former Rod Aglibot assistant at Yi Cuisine, with Rod consulting on menu, etc.
Likewise, someone mentioned that BLD was trying a soft opening on Beverly, yet tonight it was not only soft, it was closed.
And of course in that same neighborhood, Eat Well is now in the former Cafe Tartine premises, doing what Eat Well does best.

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  1. Do you know if that Eat Well location has been particularly crowded during weekend breakfast? I've been wanting to try it, but I'm not willing to give up my usual easy weekend breakfast location for a big hassle.

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      I answered my own question by going for brunch on Sunday. We had no wait at all to eat inside, but there was about a 10-minute wait for outside seating. Inside decor was pleasant, but I ended up smelling like fried food after spending 45 minutes in there!

      The boyfriend remarked that the place was a little "sceney"--loads of hipsters (both staff and diners). Food was good and very fairly priced. I had an omelette overloaded (in a good way) with spinach and cheddar, with a side of could've-been-fresher-with-a-better-variety fruit. The boyfriend had a giant chicken-fried steak with eggs, toast, and an extra side of fruit. We left there satified with our meal and service, and paid less than 30 bucks (tip and all) for two meals, two coffees, and the fruit sides.

      All and all, a nice departure from our usual, but won't necessarily be a huge draw away from places we can walk to from home.

    2. Saw the post on BLD and just tried calling to make a res. They are hoping to open on 7/17, and will be on a first come-first serve basis. He said soft-opening rumors are untrue since they haven't even trained the staff yet!

      1. What does Eat Well do best?

        I posted a while back about missing Tartine. I'm not familiar with Eat Well. It's a chain?
        It seemed to just appear overnight as it were.