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Jul 7, 2006 05:09 AM

ISO Downtown Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Have a friend (and her kids) coming down from Sacramento, and we're looking for a restaurant that is relatively affordable - kid-friendly (read: burger & fries fare) but still has a decent adult menu as well as cocktails.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: If it helps any... the kids are around 10 & 14.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Oh yea thanks for the reminder about Luna Park -- been there before and like in general (but wasn't thinking that far West, will check with friend).

      How's the prices at Smitty's? The Web site doesn't list them (which always raise a red flag for budget.)

      1. re: AquaW

        Prices at Smitty's are very reasonable, most everything is under $30 and is generally on par with the prices you would find at Luna Park.

        Also, if you want to dine in Downtown, perhaps also consider Roy's, which can be a fun atmosphere and the drinks are great, but it is significantly more pricey than either Luna Park or Smitty's.

    2. The kids might get a kick out of Engine Company 28, which is in an old firehouse, but definitely meets your adult menu requirement as well.

      1. Daily Grill has a wide range of options on its menu - cheeseburgers and quesidillas to steaks and salads. Martinis and cocktails included. It's also pretty much in the heart of downtown. Here's their website. The menu has prices, too. =)

        Roy's, as another poster mentioned, is another option to consider. It's Japanese fusion, so you'll mostly see seafood and beef. Very good though.

        Finally, the Standard Hotel downtown has a very modern lounge outside the restaurant (1st floor) and inside, quite chic. The menu can be found here:
        You'll find breakfast items, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, hordeurves, desserts, and of course and most definitely, drinks. =) Better yet, it's 24 hours and very, well, LA.

        have fun!

        1. For lunch or dinner?

          For burgers, cocktails and more in Downtown the first places that come to mind are:

          - PETE'S CAFE
          - ENGINE CO.
          - MORTONS [They may only serve the burger at lunch]
          - WEILAND BREWERY [Little Tokyo]
          - The FOX SPORTS SKYBOX [sports bar and grill inside Staples Center] might be fun for the kids - but they're probably KINGS fans...

          - French Dips and a full bar can be found at COLES
          - For pizza, pasta, salads, w/ beer and wine: PITFIRE PIZZA CO. * Note that there are also a few Downtown CPK's that serve drinks too.

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          1. re: weebie

            more likely dinner, since they'll be doing Magic Mountain in the day. Thanks for the recs.

          2. Good luck with this. I don't think I've ever seen a child in a downtown restaurant, this includes dinner time.
            That being said, Daily Grill might be a good bet, as referenced above, if you don't mind the horridly grotesque humungous portions.
            Another option is Casey's, an Irish pub. Don't recall if they have burgers on the menu, I'm sure they must; they have a pretty large menu as I recall. And of course, beer, plus a full bar.