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Jul 7, 2006 02:34 AM

Wayne/Valley Forge/King of Prussia Area

I need 3 days of food reccs (both lunch and dinner) in this area.

SOme of you guys were not favorable toward Georges. Someone recommended Nectar and Margaret Kuo.

Anything else? Dinner can be slightly more on the high end side as it's on an expense account. But lunch is on me so something reasonable and local would be great.

Thanks you guys! you are really awesome!

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  1. I will add my two cents about Georges. Been there twice and underwhelmed. I'd skip it. For reasonable, I would suggest Meridith in Berwyn. For dinner, I really like Alba in Malvern. It's byob (as is Meridith). You need to reserve in advance. Not too bad a drive from the area you mention and well worth it.

    1. Are you going to be in Center City or the suburbs? I am confused.

      1. I'm a resident of wayne, so here are my local favs --

        Georges does have a beautiful bar area. If you want a drink and a late night snack or dessert, go there.

        Hana is a humble strip mall sushi joint that is really excellent.

        Mayuree Cafe is a thai restaurant right next to the great american pub in wayne -- very good thai food.

        333 Belrose is a very nice upscale dining place.

        Unfortunately that is about all i can think of right now. I would not recommend Meredith's at all -- service is awful, and while the food I had for breakfast there once was ok, a dinner I had there was flat out awful.

        1. If you like burgers, Winberies has a good one. they have a good menu, but hit or miss on the selections other than the burger & salads IMO.
          Kabuki in KOP for great sushi.
          Margaret Kuo is good.
          KOP you're mainly going to hit every chain. However, I do tend to like the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch.
          If you can go to Malvern/Frazer for lunch I suggest Classic Diner- open until 3 daily- wonderful food.

          1. I personally like Teresa's on Wayne Avenue. I have never had a bad meal there. BYOB.

            And I would agree with DanielleM that Hana is fabulous.