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Chinese Chicken Salad

Who has the best? I prefer it to be in the SFV, or LA areas.

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  1. Kind of a personal preference and taste type of dish. In my opinion its all about the dressing. My favorite Chinese chicken salad dressing is the Soy Vay brand at Trader Joe's.
    Soy Vay products: http://soyvay.com/Chronicle.html

    New Moon Restaurant(location downtown open for lunch on Main Street at 9th Street and one in Montrose)claims to have invented the Chinese Chicken Salad 45 years ago when they were located in the old Chinatown on San Pedro Street.
    I thought their salad had all the right stuff and all the right crunch except the dressing seemed like it was just plain sesame oil. They probably sell more Chinese Chicken Salad at their downtown location than anything else. Located across the street from the California Mart.

    See Elmer Dills review: http://www.elmerdills.com/restdetails...

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      The whole key to the New Moon Chinese chicken salad is drizzling the plum sauce over the salad and then drops of the hot mustard if you like spicy. This is what makes the salad.

    2. I like the Chinese Chicken Salad at Feast from the East, on Westwood Blvd. between Olympic and Santa Monica Blvd. It has crisp won ton skins, sliced almonds, scallions and a ginger-sesame dressing. Others diss Feast's and prefer California Chicken Cafe just a short block or two south down the street.

      Feast from the East offers two sizes, and intelligently packs to go with the dressing in its own container. You can park in the communal short-term lot a couple doors north.

      1. Call me a heathen, but I like the chinese chicken salad at The Cheesecake Factory.

        1. I love the salad from Feast From the East, it's been an old stand-by of mine, especially for tired Friday nights when I dont feel like cooking or going out for dinner. Ive purchased their dressing and won ton skins and made the salad for potlucks, it's always been a big hit. I also, like their sesame wings, crunchy and flavorful.

          1. This is probably way out of line for a chowhound board, but the Panda Chicken Salad from of all places - Panda Inn, the sister to Panda Express (which I abhor) - is delicious with its pineapples. Their regular chinese chicken salad isn't bad either.

            Greenstreet's Dianne Salad is almost like a chinese chicken salad with its oranges, chicken, and lettuce, but the dressing gives it such a kick. It's also probably one of its more widely popular menu items.

            1. The best chinese chicken salad, hands down,is at Ho Sum Bistro in Newport Beach.The salads are huge,fresh,and use 2 different dressings,a spicy red and a sesame ginger.I like to mix the 2 dressings.The salads are so large that a half order is more then enough for 2.This salad makes the one at Feast from the east seem inconsequential.The dumplings at Ho Sum are also quite god.

              1. Nordstrom's Cafe - at least the one in the Westside Pavilion - has a very good Chinese Chicken Salad. In fact, all their salads are excellent.

                1. Feast from the East -- this is settled law.
                  It ain't gourmet -- actually it's greasy as hell -- but it's tops.

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                    was completely blown away by how bad/ mediocre their salad was

                  2. Lately I've been eating Chinese Chicken Salads everywhere I can, and while there are a few good places to get them in the Valley (NoHo specifically, where I work) the best I've EVER had is at Mao's in Venice. I worked on the westside for the last 3 years (up until 2 months ago) and I was addicted to their salad when I worked around the corner.

                    It's by far the most unique CC Salad I've had (in fact, I think they call it the Crunch or Cripsy Salad). It has a number of exotic items (jicama and some sweet pickley red something that's really good) plus a number of other items. It's HUGE and it's about $7 last time I was there. I haven't had it since I started working in the Valley, but I'd make the drive just for it!

                    1. I like Wolfgang Puck's version, available at Gelson's. The dressing has a fine bite to it (wasabi, perhaps?).

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                        I like WP's also. Probably not the best & no mandarin oranges. But delish dressing, good mix of veggies & tasty crispy fried wonton strips.

                      2. I like Rascals Chinese chicken salad. very well priced.

                        There lettuce is unremarkable, but that dressing. OH THAT DRESSING!


                        1. Put me down in the California Chicken Cafe column. (And I'm with those who can't abide the overhyped, underwhelming Feast From The East version.)

                          1. California Chicken Cafe for sure...

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                            1. YOur losing the thread ..........
                              the chickenSalad at New Moon .... was original if not the original! ( As they Claim) the stuff that came after was an junk...to this day I have never had a more saisfiyign chicken salad than NEw Moon.....Feast from the e ast got attention when they were popular ecasue they did a great job with th e new style chicken salad ......but those that have enjoyed the true Chickensalad from Nw moon 20 years ago....know what true chickn Salad is aLL about!

                              1. I love the Chinese chicken salad at Kokomo's in the old Farmer's Market on 3rd and feels it beats the California Chicken Cafe's by a long shot. It's really fresh and crunchy with clear and delicious flavors. (Although I like California Chicken Cafe's food, I find it strange that they add spiral pasta to their Chinese chicken salad.)

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                                  I'm still on the hunt for a great chinese chicken salad, but I totally concur that California Chicken Cafe's is pretty average -- I hate that they put pasta in the salad for one thing (and they don't even warn you it will be in there in the menu description).

                                2. Chinois on Main. 'nuff said

                                  1. If the concept of a Chinese chicken salad made with duck instead has any interest, the cafe at Surfas in Culver City has a great salad as the duck adds a very different dimension to it.

                                    1. I like Chinese Chicken salads where the chicken is a bit crispy. I like them simple and basic, such as Paul's Kitchen.

                                      1. by far the best Chinese Chicken Salad is at Las Galas in Little Tokyo... don't laugh Dan =)

                                        endorsed by Ted Chen from NBC4 and the mean husband from the movie Titanic.

                                        1. Chin-Chin Chinese Chicken Salad