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Jul 7, 2006 02:00 AM

Ohare to Green Bay, maybe lunch in Milwaukee

Looking for inexpensive good local eats for road trip in a couple of weeks. Nothing fancy, like all types of foods, but really appreciate local neighborhood recs. I will be staying at Ohare, Sheraton Suites , and Hilton Garden Inn in Green Bay. I know that I am not being specific, but would like to try whatever. I am planning a stop at O&H Bakery in Racine, and maybe Mars Cheese shop just over the Border.


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  1. I'm not sure where Garden Inn is in GB,but Storheims (east or west side) in GB is about as local a place as one can get...their buttered hamburgers are popular among many...(not me...but many others)
    I go there for the custard - which is like ice cream! The custard is INCREDIBLE.

    Other GreenBay landmarks include Kroll's East and West. (You don't go to green bay for healthy food) Krolls is also known for its burgers and fried cheese curds.

    Green Bay does have some decent mexican food due to the influx of immigrants. Los Banditos is probably the oldest and the best...but there may be some new places that I don't know about.

    For wonderful chocolates, go to Seroogy's in DePere. East DePere has become quite a quaint little shopping area. If it survived, ther was a nice euorpean style bakery in the old "White Store" building along the River not far from voyager park.

    My family likes a place called ZHarvest, located off of University on the North Side of Green Bay. Its a nice sandwich place...with real veggies on the menu, great home made soups, etc.

    Just north of Sheboygan is the kohler plant, with the American club. The Ameican Club, a 4 or 5 star hotel, is about as glam as you can get in the midwest. The tour of the toilet museum is really cool too.

    1. Are you planning to go to O & H for kringle? If so, consider also picking one up at Bendtsen's in Racine for comparison. There are lots of locals who consider it far superior.

      What day of the week will you be driving through Milwaukee? Jake's, at 1634 W. North Ave, is open every day but Sunday. It has simply some of the best corned beef in the country in a deli that looks like it hasn't changed in 60 years. It's a bit tricky to get to these days, since the North Ave exit is closed for construction, but pick up a map and stop in at the welcome center at the border and figure out your alternatives (the exit is open if you're coming south so one possibility would be to drive past it and then make a u-turn--not literally of course, but you know what I mean). Jakes just got a nice review by Michael Stern on, but there's much more about it--as well as lots of other Milwaukee and Wisconsin favorites, on lthforum, including at

      You could also detour at Sheybogan for some of the world's best brats at the Charcoal Inn, among other places (also closed Sunday).

      CIR, thanks for the Green Bay tips. We go through it a lot and never had a good idea of where to eat. Do any of those places you mentioned serve booyah?

      1. Thanks for the recs... I will check them out. I am planning on O&H, and Bendtsens....why not. I will be going back and forth on Friday, and Monday.

        1. I consider Mars Cheese castle essentially a tourist trap, almost everything sold there can be purchased at Woodman's Supermarket (one exit south of Mars Cheese Castle) for less than half the price. Best Bloody Mary award easily goes to the Horse & Plow Bar at The American Club in Kohler. The Brat Stop, just off I-43, near Woodman's, is another great sandwich & beer stopoff along that route. For a truly "local" supper club experience, go to dinner at Schwarz's Supper Club in St. Anna, just west of New Holstein & Kiel. Biggest, best steaks and superb Brandy Alexanders made with real ice cream instead of cream. Mmmmmm...

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            If you stop at Woodman's, I believe that you might see *EVERY* food item produced in the state of Wisconsin. They carry most brands of nearly any meat or cheese product produced in the state.