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Jul 7, 2006 01:46 AM

Where to find tamarillos in Toronto?


Does anyone know where to find tamarilos or tree tomatoes they are also known as here.
They are a great fruit and full of Vitamin C.


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  1. Are these the same thing as tomatillos? They are VERY hard to find. I have found them at the St Lawrence Market and at Sue's, in Richmond Hill, once.

    1. Tamarillos are an egg shaped fruit with darker seeds inside. It is related to both the tomato and tomatillo.

      I have seen and purchased them at some of the vegetable stands in Kensington Market and also at St. Lawrence Market. You will have to go to a vegetable stand that caters to the Latin community...

      1. believe it or not, i've actually seen them at the kitchen table at queen's quay on yonge street. but you're more likely to find them in kensington market, say maybe perola's?

        1. Saw them at Dominion yesterday.

          1. Harvest Wagon on Yonge Street has tomatillos--I called them before I went over just to be sure.

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              They're not the same thing, though:

              Here are tamarillos:

              I haven't tried them, but I think I've seen 'em at the Queen & Leslie Loblaws, and now I might make a point of it!