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Jul 7, 2006 01:44 AM

Swiss Diamond pan

Hey everyone,
I'm planning to buy a new nonstick pan that is a great fry pan since I'm trying to replace my Calphalon Contemporary saute pan has been severely damaged due to a really harsh cleaning job accidentally done by an ignorant houseguest. Long story, short. I found this pan on Amazon from a company called Swiss Diamond. Does anyone ever owned and tried it? I've read from their site that their coating longer lasting than most brands but I'm still contemplating whether or not I should purchase it.

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  1. I am VERY happy with mine..I have 2 there has been a discussion of them about a month ago. Try a search...see if it actually works...!!

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    1. I love mine - and have posted several times about it along with ChowFun derek ....

      1. My non-stick cookware just completely wore out this year. I did some research and a couple of days ago, bought a Swiss Diamond pan to try out (before buying the whole set). So far so good, easy to cook, easy to clean (isn't it always like that when they are new?). I would also like to try a Scanpan, although the guy at the kitchen store told me that Swiss Diamond was top of the line for non-stick.

        By the way, do any of you have crisping problems when frying in non-stick cookware? The manufacturer's instructions stated that you should use a lower heat (med to low-med) when using the Swiss Diamond, and that concerns me a little.

        Any suggestions as to where to get the best buy on these higher end brands? I've done Froogle and eBay searches, wanted to see if there were other resources around.

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          As can be seen above, I really like mine...and always use medium high for french omelettes etc...

        2. I have had the 10" and 12.5" pans for several months now and cook on them almost daily. They still look brand new, perhaps because I don't use metal utinsils even though they say you can and I hand wash with the soft side of the sponge. They have held up much better than NS pans by Calphalon and All Clad that I have owned in the past. It does a great job on browning too, something other NS pans have problems with.

          My experience is that it takes too long for the pans to heat up if you don't go above medium. So I crank it up to medium high or high to get the pan up to the temp I want and then back down to medium/medium low to keep it a that temp. Have to be diligent though because the pan can get really hot if you don't bring it back down.

          1. you might be interested in reading this article beofore buying Swiss Diamond