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URTH CAFE Santa Monica advice

Could you please tell me what the best time is to avoid lines and find parking?
ALSO....please, what does everyone love to eat here? I have only been once, and had an amazing tuna salad. I am interested in hearing all your rec's, especially desserts! Thanks so much.

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  1. We've never had issues parking (on the street) or waiting when we go at 8 PM or after. They still serve food, but we go for dessert.

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      Oh, thanks! I had no idea they were open for dinner. What desserts do you get?

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        Yep, they are open into the evening. I'm not sure what time they close, but I've been there around 10 p.m., and it is a pleasant time to enjoy the patio seating on a warm summer night. It is still lively, but not a zoo. And street parking has never been a problem for me at that time; you should be able to find a metered spot just north of the cafe on Main.

        The only downside is the dessert offerings will be diminished at that hour, but I do enjoy the occasional (huge) slice of the berries-and-cream layer cake. For a real meal, I usually go for their mediterrean plate. It's about $12, but is a lot of food.

        And their extra-strong Quadra espresso drink is my favorite cup of high-octane caffeine in town. Strong, smooth, slightly sweet. Vroom vroom!

    2. i'm a nyc hound who ate at urth cafe every morning on a recent trip over there. their croissants are amazing--perfect level of crispiness with buttery ooze. i also sampled their bread pudding which was gorgeous looking, but a bit too rich for my taste.

      (f/k/a freddie)

      1. Urth sometimes have these mini-banana cream pies that are decadently good.

          1. They are one of the few places on the Westside that have Sfoliatella, and their croissants are amazing.

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              They -always- seem to run out of sfogliatelle before I get there. I get my fix at Eagle Rock Italian Bakery on the occasions I can deal with the attitude.

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                Sorry, realized I already responded down further.

            2. I'm addicted to the curry chicken salad. The Urth salad is also good. Besides those, everything else is pretty bland, besides the desserts, which are all good, esp the banana cream pie.

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                Once in a while I have lunch at the Beverly Hills location, and I always get the curry chicken salad sandwich (and accompanying green salad).

              2. I love the tortilla soup...it's topped with a generous amount of avocado -yum! The mediterranean plate, urth salad, and farmer's salad are all good, but I do think their food is a bit overpriced for what you get.

                As for desserts, they have a good pumpkin pie, but I haven't been impressed with their chocolate cakes...they look more chocolatey than they taste! I like their vegan cookies too, but the quality/texture is very inconsistent.

                1. Amelia's, just south of Urth, often has sfogliatelle. And their homemade polenta cakes (go early, they go fast) are yummy. Deelish sandwiches, only so-so coffees (Urth definitely bests them in that area).

                  That berry cake at Urth is divine. Their veggie chili is good, too.

                  1. I also like their chai and honey vanilla lattes!

                    1. I have to say the vegan chocolate cake is really good - I'm not a vegan but tried a piece on the recommendation of someone that is. Surprisingly tasty with less guilt and has a real chocolately taste. Also, the bread pudding (w/o raisins) for breakfast is tasty.