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Jul 7, 2006 01:39 AM

Roberta's BYOB 21st & South

Just walked past this new restaurant. Does anyone have any info?

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  1. The Bride and I just came back from a very nice diner at Roberta's on their 3rd night of operation. The sign outside is arriving next week.

    For appetizers I had an arugula and warm goat cheese salad with pignoli (pine nuts) and hearts of palm. This was one of several specials. The Bride had a delicious bruschetta of warm canneloni bean on grilled bread with great carmelized onions.

    My main course was another special, homemade spinach fettucini with porcini mushrooms, scallops, and shrimp. The seafood had a good grilled flavor and the sauce was a nice white wine and butter. And my favorite, at least two whole roasted/grilled cloves of garlic.

    The Bride had fusilli with zucchini. The zucchini was very thinly sliced with a roasted flavor and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

    For dessert my homemade tiramisu was a classic, with a good strong espresso base and the proper marscapone & lady fingers. The bottom half was perhaps unintentionally "semi-freddo" but I enjoyed it that way. The Bride had a frozen yogurt-raspberry Bindi (premade) dessert.

    Prices were reasonable. My special was $22, with lots of seafood. The Bride's pasta was $13.50.

    All in all good quality, fresh ingredients, nice size portions, and we'll be back. Service was good but we ate very early on a Saturday night and there were few other customers yet (but everyone walking past was taking a menu!).

    1. Thanks so much. I'll have to give it a try since I live just around the corner.

      1. I walked by last night and picked up a menu as well. I found out that the restaurant is run as the same owners as Radicchio -- should be a good one. It looks like many of the waitstaff are the same.

        1. geez, we all walked by and grabbed a menu this weekend. I was trolling the city looking for this:

          to no avail.

          Also, I grabbed a menu from Apamate and think I need to stop by there as well.

          As for Roberto's, yeah, they seemed like nice people and a cool space. Not sure I feel like we needed another Italian BYO, but you can't have too many GOOD Italian BYO's.

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            The Bride & I were joking that Italian BYOs in Philadelphia are getting like Starbucks. There's one every few blocks, and the city can support the density because you go to whichever one is most convenient.

            Joking aside, Roberto's (or Roberta's) was pretty good, and it happens to be closer than Melograno or Caffe Casta Diva for us. I don't know if they will take reservations or eventually start getting too crowded to get into on a spur of the moment "let's eat out".

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              It is Roberto's not Roberta's - Sorry!

          2. Does anyone have a phone number for this new restaurant, tried all the usual devices.

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            1. re: lunc

              Roberto Cafe, 2108 South St., 215-545-0793. And the owners were waiters at Radicchio, not management. Chef worked there, too.