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Jul 7, 2006 01:36 AM

Rice in Fort Greene--Is it just me?

Had dinner there tonight and found the food midling to flavorless. Tried a corn soup that was comically bland--absolutely no taste. The place was pretty busy too. Plenty of healthy options on the menu, and the food is reasonably priced, so I guess those are reasons to dine there, but I wouldn't bother again. Did I just hit a bad night?

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  1. Nope, I've usually found it very bland or extremely dry. You're right that the draw is healthy eats at a reasoanble price, which the neighborhood needs, but I would NOT make it a destination spot. Only thing I've liked were some dumplings.

    1. that's a shame. Maybe it's different than their Dumbo spot. I really like their vegetarian meatballs in sweet sauce with black rice and edamame. I get it pretty often when in the mood for a cheap and tasty meal.

      1. I have to say I only tried the Soho Rice, which I think is the original branch.
        Given that the original has mediocre food, and I've been there a few times, I doubt the offsprings are better.

        1. besides the food being bland and mediocre, i find the menu to be all over the place in a way that makes it hard to eat more than one item and put a meal together.

          thai curry with mexican tamales?

          1. i've ordered take out from them a couple of times. I wasn't that impressed, but happy nevertheless to have a new eatery in the nabe.