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Jul 7, 2006 01:29 AM

Family Dinner - age 6 to 90

I have to come up with a place for a family dinner for 8 people. The youngest is my 6-year old niece who is reasonably omnivorous and pretty well behaved in restaurants. The oldest is my 90-year old grandmother. Westside, inclusive of Santa Monica, West L.A., Beverly Hills, Venice, Brentwood, even West Hollywood would do. No Mexican, please. It would be good if the place wasn't too loud, as two of our party have hearing issues. Full bar would be a plus. Less than $50 per person total. So far I've suggested Noma and Benihana (it's not always JUST about the food!). Other ideas appreciated.

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  1. I know it's not gourmet, but what about Bucca Di Beppo? We did this for my grandmother and had 12 people. they do a really cute cake for you, and have a cool private nook called the POPE's TABLE!! i have other ideas if you'd like...

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      Let's not loose all standards. Bucca Di Beppo is Bucca Di Crappo.

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        Not only that, but Buca di Beppo in Santa Monica is quite possibly the loudest restaurant I've been to in my entire life. I could barely hear the person sitting next to me when I went there--I would NOT bring older people with hearing issues there. Although maybe the "private nook" is not so bad, noise-wise? But you'd still have to eat their mediocre food.

        Hmm...If you want Italian, maybe Locando del Lago in Santa Monica? Pretty good italian, not too expensive. You can people-watch the Promenade and maybe take a walk there after dinner.

    2. dunno about the bar, but i'd take them to 26 beach.
      recommendation is based on the breadth of the menue coupled with the general high quality of the food.

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        Hmmm, never been to 26 Beach but the menu looks intriguing. Thanks.

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          joe's in venice is a hostile environment for a 6 year old.
          i can bear witness to that fact.

        2. If that was my responsibilty, then it would easy, easy, easy as I would take the group to Warszawa in Santa Monica. Even though it is officially a "Polish" restauarnt, there are plenty of non-Polish dishes. Example, the 2 most expensive items on the menu:

          $19 - Filet Mignon
          $19 - Crisy Long Island Duck

          The restaurant is quiet, including outdoor dining, with the right type of cuisine that is very friendly to Grandparents. They must have a full bar as they claim the "Best Vodka Martinis in Town". If you check out their menu you discover it will be EASY to stay under $50 per person Grand Total (even if Grandma likes 4 Martinis..?).


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            Thanks for the Warszawa idea. I sent the link along to my folks who are making the final decision as they're hosting (and they're the ones who really care about the full bar, not Grandma - she's a lightweight!).

          2. Enzo and Angela (Barrington and Wilshire) is a new Itali an restaurant. Excellent food, not outrageously priced, nice setting, and not a scene. http://www.enzoandangela.com/