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Jul 7, 2006 01:08 AM

World Cup Brunch - Italian & French food ideas?

So I'm having about 15 people over on Sunday to watch the finals.

At the time of the invite the premise was the food served would be from the two remaining countries. So we might have been eating sausage from Portugal or brats from Bavaria. As it turns out, France vs. Italy is not a bad foodie final. Being an informal affair, I was thinking of dishes easy to share... and since the game is around lunchtime - we could do both brekkie/brunch items or more standard entrees.

Any creative suggestions for things to serve? We're in Ariz. summer so I'm not keen on simmering beef bourgogne for hours. Drink ideas would be cool as well. Maybe in 4 years I'll do it again and invite those who reply (though we'll be eating English food, one hopes - for the team that is). Thanks!

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  1. You could do a French vs. Italian cheese contest. Yum! Everyone's a winner in that one, I think.

    Now that I think of it, you could do lots of French vs. Italian comparison dishes and see who comes out on top (as opposed to who comes out on top in the game).

    Mozzarella vs. Brie
    Cream Puffs vs. Tiramisu
    Beef bouguignone vs. Osso bucco (I know, no simmering for hours)
    Baguettes vs. foccacia
    Champagne vs. Prosecco

    You get the idea...I'm not well versed enough in either cuisine to come up with more complicated comparisons

    1. Frittata or Strata and French Toast?

      1. Frittata and Omelettes
        Panzanella and That escarole/frisee salad with bacon lardons and a poached egg on top (Salade Lyonaisse)
        Gnocchi and Potato Croquettes
        Pannini and Croque Monsieur/Madame


        1. I like this idea of Italy vs. France...
          How about:
          Caprese (it's even the Italian colors) vs. Salad Nicoise
          Fritto Misto (say eggplant and zucchini) vs. Pommes Frites
          Frittata vs. Omelette (or Baked Eggs in Cream)
          Prosciutto w/ figs vs. Ham and Gruyere on Toasts
          Bellinis vs. Kir Royales
          Biscotti vs. Langues des Chats/Palmiers/etc.
          Gelato vs. Creme Glacee
          Crostata vs. Tarte

          1. Is there a real difference between quiche and an Italin tart?

            I was thiniking it might come down to meats/cheeses, but the rest is the same, right?