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Jul 7, 2006 01:01 AM

Coming to Chicago in August

My wife and I will be here for a few days in August and here are the dinners we've decided on so far...

Lou Malnati's

We are also looking for a Sunday brunch place near the Renaissance Hotel on One West Wacker Drive. I was considering Sweets and Savories, but if there is something closer I'd like to hear about it.

As for lunches, my wife will be in a conference, so I will be on my own for 2 days. Where can I get good Italian Beef and other good lunch places?

Thanks hounds!!!

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  1. First, it should be said that the Renaissance actually has a very good brunch itself. Most work associates of mine that come in from out of town stay there, and as a result, I've had it on a few occassions - it's pretty good.

    For lunch places, you can always check out the Hot Dog thread (like Weiner's Circle). When I think Italian Beef, I immediately think of Al's #1 Italian Beef. The original is on Taylor street, in little Italy (which is sort of out of the way for most tourists), but they do have a location on Ontario, close to Mag. Mile.

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      I second the recommendation for brunch at The Renaissance - I believe the name of the dining room is The Great Street. Or, check out Bin 36 on LaSalle, a short walk away - they have a more traditional brunch (scrambled eggs, bacon, etc).

    2. Hubby and I were there two years ago and had great meals at both Santorini and Topolobampo. We also had a very good dinner at Cafe Spiagia. But the best meal we had by far was at MK. It was one of those perfect evenings to was fabulous, service perfect, terrific and interesting menu.

      1. Mr.Beef on Orleans and also Portillos (even thouhg its a chain) is reliable for its beef hotdogs and burgers.

        1. Just a quick addition, if you need a snack and a glass of wine. Bin 36 has very nice wine by the glass and flights, and a great selection of cheeses. Smoked Oregon blue cheese, super aged gouda were some of what we sampled last weekend. Can't vouch for the dinner service at all, but the bar is comfortable, the wine good and not overpriced, and the bartenders just great. Just there last weekend.