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Jul 7, 2006 12:05 AM

Rocco's Pizza on Vermont?

Just passed by Rocco's Pizza on Vermont - by L.A.C.C. - in the old Vito's locale.

What's the story? Vito's was fantastic, IMHO.

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  1. Vito's rocked, Roccos is good, better than dominos, pizza hut, etc. For Me, I will be ordering from Nicky D's.

    1. I tried folks, I really did but, ROCCO'S is to VITO'S what Tony Smith was to Magic Johnson. For you non-Lakers fans, Tony was the young, unspectacular, non-descript point guard who had the unenviable task of succeeding an aging local legend.

      I've been thrice, the first time, an affable young lady took time to explain the set-up and the restaurant's menu. She was the most pleasant part of my entire experience there. Two slices (1 regular, 1 'roni) and a coke. It was just ok with the crust betraying signs of the pre-perforated treatment common to
      almost all commercial, instant pie joints.

      Second time, I ordered four full pies ahead of time, was told that they would be available in "20-30 mins. No problem." I arrived in 35. No pies. No record of my order . . . until, they discovered the receipt next to the phone. I passed.

      Third time, I strolled in with a colleague for sit down around 7 PM on a weekday. There were no less than 5 people behind the counter, all with gelled coiffs, and it looked as they were all taking a crash course in trying to figure out delivery orders as well as the register. I flagged our waiter down with an "Are you our guy? We'd like to order please." He replied with a "Yes, I'm your guy. I'll be right back." 12 minutes later, he still wasn't and neither will I. Ever.

      Vito, if you're anywhere near this post, come back PLEASE.

      1. I found some background on the story here:

        Look at the "December 2005" entry.

        1. I too miss Vito's but I think perhaps Rocco's is getting a bad rap. We get take-out lunch for the office from them at least once a week. The guys are really sweet, and the delivery is incredibly prompt and ultra polite. They go to extra pains to keep everything warm and we've never had any problem whatsoever with food temp. Today we tried the white pizza for the first time-ricotta and spinach. The crust isn't thin and dainty but it's not overly bready either. I'm not a huge pizza fan by any stretch, but this was good and the four others who shared it were very enthusiastic. We also always get a Caesar salad which has nice lemony dressing and is way way more fresh than the limp beige salads from Hard Times. Another favorite is the spinach lasagna which is definitely of the Italo-American variety but well executed and comforting. The final component are the nice meaty chicken wings served with good fresh celery sticks (and ranch dressing, which some folks here guiltily enjoy). This isn't haute cuisine but for quick, reliable delivery of fresh food, we find it one of the best offerings in the neighborhood.

          1. Good reports -- Nicky D's is fantastic - no corkage fees on Mondays. I really think it's close (in quality) to Casa Bianca...