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Jul 6, 2006 11:47 PM

Any Portuguese food in LA or the environs?

I grew up in New Jersey, just twenty minutes from the Ironbound (on a good traffic day). We used to eat Portuguese dinners and sweets all the time. I was reminiscing with a friend about Seabra's Marisqueira and wondering if there are any Portuguese restaurants in LA... and if so, are they any good?

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  1. I've searched high and low to no avail. I lived in Hong Kong for many years and would go to Macau at least two or three times a month to eat Portuguese food and stock up on Portuguese groceries. There used to be a small Portuguese bakery / market down in Artesia, but it has closed down. There are supposedly still about 2,500 Portuguese people living in Artesia, there is a Portuguese community center there, but so far I haven't found anything other than a few not very high quality food products in local convenience and liquor stores. I've given up looking for a restaurant. I order a lot over the internet and cook a lot at home. Good luck. If you hear of anything, let me know.

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      One of my favorite places on the planet is Fernando's in Macau!!!! If there's anyplace that has the crab in the stone pot like Fernando's.....please let me know!!!

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        Wish I knew. It's one of my favorite places on earth as well. I've probably eaten there a hundred odd times. I'm a total sucker for their clams as well, the simple bbq chicken, everything. I don't miss much about living in Hong Kong, but I really miss Macau.

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          As not everyone will read your sub-post, why don't you make an original post describing that "Crab in the Stone Pot" dish in a little bit greater detail, and who knows, someone might just know you can get it (SGV?) ?

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            As noted a few days ago, Macau Street, a Macanese/Chinese restaurant opened up at 429 W. Garvey in Monterey Park, and has a couple of Macanese crab dishes.

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              Thanks!!! I will try this place for sure! Will let you know....

        2. Right here in Sherman Oaks is a Portuguese bakery called Nata's Pastries, located in that awful mini-mall adjacent to and west of Casa Vega on Ventura at Fulton.

          I have attached the web site link for your review. You might call them up and ask further about other dining as opposed to pastry options.

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            Of course, I forgot all about Nata's (it's easy to miss, though I live about 5 minutes away!)... is there a trick to getting the pasteis de bacalhau? They're ALWAYS out when I go. I suppose I should just order some.

            Thanks, carter!

            Now all I need is caldo verde and that wonderful stew with the potatoes and the bacalhau, and I can be happy. :)

          2. A few weeks/months ago someone on the Board mentioned a restaurant in Claremont that was owned by people from the Azores and that served some Portugese dishes. Now about the caldo verde - that's the easy one, lots of kale/collards, potatoes, chicken stock and don't cover the pot so it remains green. Come on winter.

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              That restaurant in Claremont probably is Viva Madrid:


              If your interest is sparked by a desire to watch Portugal play Germany tomorrow in a Portugese friendly environment; then I would strongly suggest you do NOT go to a British Pub as they now hate the Portugese Team (and especially Ronaldo!!!! who plays for Man-U, but maybe for not much longer!) and will be rooting for Germany. I would suggest instead you go to an establisment where the clientel hates the Germans - like the Polish. Warszawa doesn't do lunch but maybe Polka in the valley would be open?

              If anybody is really interested in just the Portuege food, and doesn't want to drive to San Diego, then the Atresian Portugese Community is having thier biggest celebration of the year on July 28-31 where you can probably have some decent home cooked Portugese cuisine:


              "Celebrations at the Hall"

              Some group from Rhode Island (?) is meeting there this Saturday, so for outsiders ?

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                No, my interest has nothing to do with the World Cup; I miss the food I grew up with in and near Newark, N.J.

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                  There's a very large Portuguese community in Rhode Island, so it's not surprising. Last summer we went to a fun, but touristy restaurant in East Providence where you could eat in a boat parked in a few inches of water while the waiter carved huge slices of meat at from a shish kabob at your table.

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                    Viva Madrid is very good, but the Portuguese restaurant in Claremont is the Euro Cafe. It's a fairly casual place -- they offer mostly salads and sandwiches (including a to-die-for marinated pork loin sandwich) -- but they have regular daily specials that include Feijoada, Bacalhau de Natas, Bife a Portuguesa and Carne Estufada. It's all delicious

                    Check out their website at

                    They also sell Portuguese food products and they make their own chourico for sale.

                2. I too continue to mourn the demise of Portazil, 1) because it was so versatile and 2) because it was like 12 minutes from my house.


                  In any event, the unimaginatively named PORTUGAL IMPORTS, while more a market than anything else, does carry freshly-baked goods. It's located just down the street from Michelle Kwan's spanking new Ice Palace Skating Rink @
                  11655 Artesia Blvd, Artesia 90701

                  Portugese restaurants have been a bit of a hard get here in SoCal outside of the hearty homecooking @ Artesia's DES Hall, the defacto home to Portugese Americans in the area. It was through them that I was told about PORTUGALIA Portugese Restaurant in San Diego. Haven't been but, perhaps one of our SD Area Hounds can give us a report.

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