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Jul 6, 2006 11:36 PM

any good restaurants near the grand lake theater in oakland

A bunch of us are going to watch Pirates 2 at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland and were wondering if there's any good chow nearby? Cheap to mid-range would be good. We love all manner of asian, american, italian, and french cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Holy Land has Israeli/Middle Eastern food that is very tasty. On Lakeshore Arizmendi has great cheeseboard type pizza. Arizmendi closes at 7pm.

    Holy Land 677 Rand Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94610

    Arizmendi Oakland
    3265 Lakeshore Avenue
    Oakland, CA

    More upscale further up Lakeshore is Mezze.

    1. Hello, if you go 1/2 block east on Grand from the movie house, same side of the street, you'll find a little place with a blue awning 'Mijori Sushi'; for dessert, 1/2 blk. further near the Domino's pizza, M.Mischer handmade chocolates, also serves Naia gelato. Both are decent-to-good, nice touch with the cooked items at Mijori and reasonable for the quality.

      In the opposite direction on Grand Ave, west for two blocks from the theatre(pass under 580 freeway) across the street from where the lake begins is ZZA's trattoria, I haven't tried(frequently cook pasta at home) it but it's a popular neighborhood spot with reasonable prices. enjoy the 'hood, M.Moore shot part of Fahrenheit 9/11 right there.

      1. Well near the KFC and before the Post Office is a decent Thai place--about a 1/4 block away. Spettro's is a fun spot for pizza and pasta and I love their Thai mussels. Spettro is on Lakeshore about a long two block walk from the theatre. Have fun.

        1. spettro's is great... much better than zza's... the mijori sushi place always has a huge line .. for chinese there is the place across from the theater, not sure of name but it has a green awning and white chairs in front

          1. the very best restaurant near the Grand Lake is a worthy contender as one of the best in Oakland: Mezze. The food is pan-mediterranean with some truly inventive, California, Bay Area flair. It is top quality and utterly un-snobby. THey have a lovely full bar and a knock-out pastry chef, whose banana tarte-tatin was memorable. Prices are moderately high ($16-$26 for main courses), and it's a choice worth driving some distance for! Lucky for me, I live close enough to walk.