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Jul 6, 2006 11:30 PM

Anything Near Oakland Airport?

I'm doing a quick trip to the SF BAy area next week. I make this trip often and have taken advantage of the many great restaurants in the city. Since this trip is so quick, I've opted to stay out by the Oakland airport for the sake of convenience. Is there anywhere decent for dinner near the airport? I recall one time having a pretty good meal on my way to that airport at a little place near a marina. Anything else? I'll be at the airport Hilton. thanks for any help.

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  1. This topic rears its ugly head with a fair regularity on this board. Sadly, there is not much by way of fine dining around Oakland Airport. Still, you are not too far away from Alameda, Oakland Chinatown, and the excellent Mexican restaurants of the Fruitvale district. Also, International Blvd. a.k.a. E. 14th St. South from Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland is a bustling Vietnamese community that has many great interesting places. Give me a little more info as to what type of place you're looking for and I'll be able to make some specific recommendations.

    a sante,

    1. Mexican would be GREAT! Is there anything that is an easy cab ride away? Also, keep in mind I'm a woman traveling alone, so would want an area I can safely do that in.

      1. Aha, then you'll probably want to grab a cab to the Fruitvale district. Here's a thread with several of the more popular restaurants in the area.

        I personally like Otaez and El Huarache. Perhaps we'll try to arrange a chowdown for some of the local SF Chowhounds if you're concerned about going solo.

        1. While it's gotten some up and down reviews on this board, I would go to Otaez on Webster St. in Alameda. It's very new and very clean. They have pretty good margaritas and I think it would be a good place for a single woman. I don't know that I would consider Fruitvalle a good place for a single woman to be.

          BTW, my wife and I have enjoyed every meal we've had there so I don't consider it up and down.

          1. Thanks everyone - sounds like Otaez is the spot to check out. I'm not sure of my exact schedule yet. If anyone might be interested, I think Wednesday night could work for me to meet up with folks out there. That's a really nice offer. I fly in that afternoon/evening, so it depends on if there are delays as to what time I could do dinner.