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Jul 6, 2006 11:17 PM

new at corner of Vista and Beverly?

Was at Hatfield's a week or so ago and noticed a new restaurant on the corner (wasn't open that night, but was having a pre-opening party--with a couple of live pigs...hmmmm). Anyone know what the restaurant will be?

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  1. Do you mean the corner where Red and Opaline was? That's BLD, from the Grace people. Hope it's opening soon.

    1. It's supposed to open on the 11th

      1. Just had lunch at bld. Asked for a table in the center of the room and was told that they were saved for 3 or more, then hostess sat every other 2 at said tables. Service was very slooooow. Had the ceasar salad (no real dressing on the tired, spare romaine and stale, soft crutons to speak of)hated it and my son had the short rib sandwich, dry and bread soft and awful. $40 + tip for boring bland food. Waited 15 minutes to pay while waitress served table next to us with 12 trips to the kitchen. What's all the excitement about?

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          Here is a thread on BLD that covers both the pros and the cons as viewed by others: