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Jul 6, 2006 11:13 PM

Orowheat Outlet?

Dommy mentioned the Orowheat outlet in a General Topics post, and now I'm just raring to get there!

Unfortunately, I can't find it in the Yellow Pages. Does anyone know the cross streets? Am I spelling it wrong?

What products can I get there that are reasonable for home use? I'm thinking flour in under 10 lb. sacks, and other baking supplies. Yes/no?

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  1. Here is a post on the subject from late last year that probably will satisfy your needs.

    1. I doubt they have any baking supplies at all. Think cheap day old bread and cheap day old danishes. I used to love these places when I was in college but haven't been back since Trader Joe's came on the scene.

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      1. re: Chowpatty

        Not all bread or Entenmann products they sell are "day old." Some are the same fresh products that the retail stores don't take that day. They carry other brands besides Orowheat. FYI: Commercial bread bakeries are closed on Sunday and Wednesday-fresh bread is delivered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

        There's an outlet store in South Pasadena at 1101 Mission Street.

        They have a limited selection of Bob's Red Mill line of whole grain products. The packages aren't much bigger than one pound.

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          how funny that so many people love TJ's but it's not for me. Nothing like it used to be for me anyway. Sorry for the spoiler but I think it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over rated.
          To me, I still love the bargains found at the outlets for Oroweat or Entenmanns.

        2. Here you go! Right next to Ford's Filling Station


          As I mentioned, they stock pretty much the whole line of Bobs Red Mill (Semolina for cheap!) also, they have Milton Breads for even cheaper than TJs (No Milton Crackers sadly).

          Sadly, no real baking supplies, just loaves, buns and boxes of standard supermarket bread for a little cheaper. It's like the hostess outlets of my youth where my brother would get 10 boxes of ding dongs for 25 cents... LOL!!!

          I usually go at lunch time, so call for their hours. To be honest, it's not worth the trip alone, but worth a stop by if you are going to Surfas or the CC Farmer's Market anyway... :)


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          1. re: Dommy

            Aha, OroWEAT with no H!

            As long as they have Bob's Red Mill Flour, it's worth a stop for me when I head to Surfas!

          2. As the posters mentioned above, the Orowheat outlets do not have baking supplies: They just have bread, donuts, etc. It's very much like the Wonder Bread/Hostess Outlets that Dommy mentioned.

            There is a combined Orowheat/Entenmenn's (sic) bakery outlet in Torrance. I don't know what the exact address is, but it's on Sepulveda Boulevard.

            1. From

              I think the first one might also be an outlet for Entenmann's.

              140 N Aviation Blvd, El Segundo, CA
              6.0 mi N - (310) 536-9989

              Entenmann's Inc
              10751 Bloomfield St, Los Alamitos, CA
              16 mi E - (562) 598-8559

              Entenmann's Products Inc
              480 S Vail Ave, Montebello, CA
              17 mi NE - (323) 725-2680

              Entenmann's-Oroweat Bakery Outlet
              9106 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, CA
              24 mi SE - (714) 968-4229

              Oroweat Entenmann's Food Co
              1220 E Howell Ave, Anaheim, CA
              26 mi E - (714) 634-8068

              Entenmann'S-Oroweat Baking Co
              5029 Kanan Rd, Agoura Hills, CA
              32 mi NW - (818) 707-1870

              Entenmann's-Oroweat Bakery Outlet
              24451 Alicia Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA
              41 mi E - (949) 770-2534

              Entenmann's-Oroweat Baking Co
              8991 Rose Ave, Montclair, CA
              41 mi NE - (909) 626-8937

              Too many Oroweat to list.

              ***** Note ***** It's spelled OROWEAT. I always thought it was Orowheat. No wonder you could not find it.