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Jul 6, 2006 10:57 PM

nyc with kids

We are coming up to NYC from Washington D.C area with three adults and three young children (all 6 or younger). Any brilliant ideas for lunches and brunches especially. We want chowish food but are realistic about the options available. Willing to travel anywhere in Manhattan. Thanks.

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  1. here are a few of my suggestions that would be great for kids and adults. all delicious! you can view their menus on

    shake shack
    madison square park
    (e. 23rd st at madison ave


    good enough to eat
    483 amsterdam btwn 83rd and 84th

    ej's luncheonette
    447 amsterdam btwn 81st and 82nd
    1271 3rd ave at 73rd

    99 e. 19th st at park ave south

    210 w. 10th st at bleecker

    chat 'n' chew
    10 e. 16th st btwn union sq and 5th ave

    city bakery
    3 w. 18th st btwn 5th and 6th ave

    popover cafe
    551 amsterdam at 86th st

    9 great jones st btwn bway and lafayette

    cupcake cafe
    18 w. 18th st btwn 5th and 6th ave

    virgil's real bbq
    152 w. 44th st at 7th ave

    great jones cafe
    54 great jones st btwn lafayette and bway

    cowgirl hall of fame
    519 hudson at w. 10th

    serendipity 3
    225 e. 60th st btwn 2nd and 3rd ave

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      Wow! I'm impressed. I think maybe the boards need an FAQ section and I nominate this for the first post.

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        We must add the perennial fave of all NYC parents: PIZZA!

        Just a few:

        * Two Boots: 2 locations - Grand Central and 37 Ave. A (skip the 7th Ave S. and Bleecker St locations...too small).

        * John's on Bleecker between Sixth and Seventh Aves.

        * DeMarco's, 146 Houston near MacDougal.

        And many many others.

        1. re: PJK

          Seconding the Two Boots recommendation. Two Boots prides itself on being kid-friendly--white paper on the tables, crayons, coloring books available, etc. Good pizza, too--try the New Orleans-influenced stuff (the 'two boots' are Italy and Louisiana).

      2. I did a control-f search for kids/children but nothing came up. Maybe it's not working?

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          Control-f won't do much with the new design, use the basic search on the top of the page.

          1. re: carcrash

            yep - just to experiment I put in "kids" and then "children" and came up with tons of results. I would also say that if you like pastrami Katz's is always fine w/young kids.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I had a great experience at Florent just the other day traveling with a 3 and a 1.5 year old. the staff is prepared with crayons and coloring pages and understands getting food to the table yesterday. it helped that we were there in the in between hour of before dinner after lunch.

            1. I second John's Pizza (Midtown outlet is a little more comfortable) and of course Seredipity
              Bubby's in Tribeca