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Jul 6, 2006 10:24 PM

Thanksgiving in Portland

Can anyone recommend a really good spot for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner (traditional -- not ethnic)?

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  1. Last year, I took my folks to the HEATHMAN HOTEL for their Thanksgiving dinner (we went at the first seating).

    I thought it was quite good - esp their seafood and salad bar (no iceberg lettuce tho...ha!). They had traditional fixins but I thought the other offerings were much more appealing.

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    1. re: MyNextMeal

      Thank you for the rec. I made a res today and am a little nervous because the young woman with whom I spoke said that I was their first res for Thanksgiving, and denied that there are "seatings". She just wanted to know at what hour we wanted to dine. Is she a clueless newby? Should I be concerned and follow up? I didn't get a confirmation number.

      1. re: pikawicca

        If you made your reservation at the Heathman, I don't recall that they do seatings for Thanksgiving - you select your preferred time like you would for a typical dinner reservation. If you remain concerned, ask to speak with Garret
        Peck who is the restaurant general manager.

        1. re: taco_belle

          Thanks to all. I believe taco belle is correct: I decided to go with Heathman and made a reservation yesterday. They asked what time we wanted to dine and that was it.

    2. I second the Heathman. They have been doing it for years and a lot of people think of it as their home for this holiday.

      1. Paleys Place on NW 21st & Northrup. Perfect..just perfect.

        1. My wife and I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner last year at Alexander's, at the top of the Hilton. Dinner was wonderful. We ate in the bar, entertained by a great Ron Steen jazz set

          1. Okay, call me crazy, but think, the coast, romantic fireplace, the Nehalem River Inn has a great Thanksgiving dinner, One tradtional option and one not traditional option, just think about it.