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Thanksgiving in Portland

Can anyone recommend a really good spot for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner (traditional -- not ethnic)?

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  1. Last year, I took my folks to the HEATHMAN HOTEL for their Thanksgiving dinner (we went at the first seating).

    I thought it was quite good - esp their seafood and salad bar (no iceberg lettuce tho...ha!). They had traditional fixins but I thought the other offerings were much more appealing.

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      Thank you for the rec. I made a res today and am a little nervous because the young woman with whom I spoke said that I was their first res for Thanksgiving, and denied that there are "seatings". She just wanted to know at what hour we wanted to dine. Is she a clueless newby? Should I be concerned and follow up? I didn't get a confirmation number.

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        If you made your reservation at the Heathman, I don't recall that they do seatings for Thanksgiving - you select your preferred time like you would for a typical dinner reservation. If you remain concerned, ask to speak with Garret
        Peck who is the restaurant general manager.

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          Thanks to all. I believe taco belle is correct: I decided to go with Heathman and made a reservation yesterday. They asked what time we wanted to dine and that was it.

    2. I second the Heathman. They have been doing it for years and a lot of people think of it as their home for this holiday.

      1. Paleys Place on NW 21st & Northrup. Perfect..just perfect.

        1. My wife and I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner last year at Alexander's, at the top of the Hilton. Dinner was wonderful. We ate in the bar, entertained by a great Ron Steen jazz set

          1. Okay, call me crazy, but think, the coast, romantic fireplace, the Nehalem River Inn has a great Thanksgiving dinner, One tradtional option and one not traditional option, just think about it.

            1. I've been going to Bistro921 located at The Hilton in downtown Portland. Off and on they have a Thanksgiving buffet which is really pretty good. My husband is calling to confirm this for this year. I don't believe that you need reservation either, and the place is always filled.

              1. Definitely try Hubers! Turkey is their specialty, and they've been serving it every night since the 1800's. The ambience is lovely and the service is top-notch.