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Jul 6, 2006 09:51 PM

Wagyu Beef - Where can I buy it in NYC?

I've just picked up Jeffrey Steingarten's "The Man Who Ate Everything" which I'm really digging. I now want to make my own bread, try sea urchins again, seek out the ultimate french fry, etc, etc, thanks Jeff. One of his chapters tells the tale and the allure of Wagyu Beef (he wrote that he was able to buy it at Balducchi's for an incredible price) Can anyone tell me where I can get it in the city and how much I might pay per pound? I was lucky enough to have someone take me to Per Se recently and inexcusably I forgot to supplement one of my courses with their Wagyu offering.

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  1. I'm sure you can get it at Lobel's. I come over all faint, though, imagining the price there.

    I can't look!

    1. Perhaps your best bet is mail order. Here is another retailer:

      1. FYI, no Wagyu beef from Japan is imported into the USA. All the "Wagyu Beef" or "Kobe Beef" you see on American menus is acutally the same Japanese cattle crossbred with American cattle and raised all over the US. However, it is still fantastic beef. Lobel's carries it...other than that you'll probably have to mail order it. There's a ton of places on the web....another producer is

        ps. you can get sea urchins at Citarella

        1. Garden of Eden has Wagyu as well.

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            Just saw that Ottomanelli & Sons in the Village also carries it:

          2. You can get Wagyu and Washugyu at Japan Premium Beef Inc.
            Located in Noho, 57 Great Jones St (Between Lafayette and Bowery).