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Jul 6, 2006 09:23 PM

Boston Chowhound in SF; internship near City Hall where to go?


I will be in SF this summer. What are great places to go to for breakfast, Lunch or Dinner near city hall?

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  1. If work cronies ever try to drag you into Chevy's, don't do it. There is a fantastic Mexican place called Senor Peppers up one block at Turk and Van Ness that is family owned, better food, and not a mob scene. So much "not a mob scene" that they've been adding some tragic stuff to the menu like club sandwiches and American Style breakfast to try to drum up business, when what they really need to be doing is have enough staff to have someone at the front at all times and do some marketing. But I digress. Despite their seeminly floundering business plan, the food has not suffered. And the bartender is always attentive.

    If you search the forum for Senor Peppers I do believe I've written a fuller review. Otherwise Google Senor Peppers San Francisco and a review I wrote is one of the first hits.

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      thank you ... I may go there tomorrow

    2. You'll find some of the best banh mi in the hemisphere on Larkin Street near City Hall, and you are also close to Gyro King (highly regarded) and really not too far from the "Tandoorloin" (good N. India/Paki naan and curry joints). But heavens, you won't be chained to the area at dinner time, will you? Don't know how long your internship is, but it's probably worth doing a little Chowhound research to enhance your stay.

      1. Saigon Sandwich is one of this board's favorit for banh mi. Their banh mi is big and meaty, and at $2.50 you can't beat the price.

        Saigon Sandwich Shop
        Address: 560 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102
        Phone: (415) 474-5698

        1. Try Quincy's on Market near 10th for a hot pastrami sandwich.

          1. Wrap Delight or Saigon Sandwich for banh mi; Mangosteen or Bodega Bistro for very good Vietnamese; Turtle Tower for the best pho ever. Ken's Kitchen for ok Chinese. All in the Tenderloin. The Vietnamese places are NOT TO BE MISSED.

            Closer to Market St: as mentioned Gyro King and Quincy's, also the taco truck on the corner by AAA (Polk & Hayes).

            In the other direction, there are tons of good restaurants on and around Hayes St., from expensive like Hayes St. Grill to cheap like the crepe place on Gough and everything in between.