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Jul 6, 2006 09:15 PM

Square One - PK's Review


I hit Square One in Los Feliz this morning for brunchee goodness - overall, I likee. I've recently launched a new Food Blog, so click the link below for alllll the gory details, but here's my assessment, in the proverbial nutshell:


Ambiance - B+
Service - B
Food (Taste) - C+
Food (Presentation) - C+
Wine/Drinks - N/A
Value - B-
Overall Experience - B-

The menu is interesting, the flavors so-so, but there's something magical about the lowkey ambiance that just totally drew me in. And the pressed egg sannie on brioche? Not too shabby! Eggs Benedict is bettah though - and I'm going to dream about their pancakes until I can return for a tasting . . .

Square One Dining
4854 Fountain Ave.
Cross street - Catalina
Los Feliz, CA

For more details, hit OMG Food! at

Ciao, 'Hounds!

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  1. Glad you got there, and thanks for the mention -- but I'm kind of surprised that you both liked your dishes, and yet the food got a C +, and you didn't find anything wrong with the service, yet it got a B. I've never had anything there which I would rate lower than a B+, and I've had the eggs benedict, the grits, the eggs and chorizo, the bacon and eggs with anamazing fruit cup, the yummy granola, and a perfect, light salade nicoise. And I've been told I'm tough!

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      Yeah, you know, I did LIKE the food, there was just no wow factor for me - and I may have been a bit harsh for the overly peppery salad :) And while there was nothing wrong with the service, I can never,ever forget the almost invisible, incredibly efficient and spectacular service at Urasawa, and as such, A's are an uber-rarity.

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      1. i gotta say i love the food there and i am also surprised you gave it the C+ rating. The service is off though.

        1. I am really surprised by the C+ food rating as well. I just had Sunday brunch at Square One and it was incredible. Very affordable and very tasty. We started with the french toast with caramel/banana/orange sauce..fluffy toast, delicate flavor. My boyfriend had one of the skillets and I had the skirt steak and eggs with grits. A-MA-ZING. One of the best breakfasts of my life. The service was great. Our server was very helpful and quick and the male host (who may be the owner) was always on the ball..making sure the people who were waiting had the 411 on how much longer it would be. I think our only complaint was that the dining room was very warm (no A/C) and by the end of the meal we were ready to get out of there...but it does have patio seating. I love this place and can't wait to return.

          1. I love Square One...C+ for food? You smokin' crack, Kitty? 'Cause that might be why your taste buds aren't picking up on the deliciousness. I've had nothing but good stuff there--and my criterion for any real restaurant is that the food has to be as good as mine. The coffee cake is absolutely addictive--good thing it's only available on the weekend, and the pieces are daintily sized! I loved the pressed egg sandwich...and the Benedict with the house-cured salmon on the crispy potato cake! Woof! Woof! Meow! Love the accompanying salad with the little radish sticks. And then there's my latest fave, the bowl of grits with bacon and cheddar...I get a poached egg on top, and it's breakfast in a bowl! (Then, if it's the weekend, coffee cake for dessert....)