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Jul 6, 2006 09:12 PM

3 days/nights in Paris

My husband and I will be in Paris in August for 3 nights to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary. We will be staying near the Tuilleries metro. I know that many restaurants may be closed in August, so I was hoping you all could provide some suggestions as to where we should eat while we are there. More specifically, we are looking to spend US$100-200 for dinner, good food, not stuffy.
Also, any suggestions as to where we could go during the day in terms of markets, cafes etc? We would love to do a picnic one day, great cheese, bread, and a bottle of wine.

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  1. The Rue Mouffetard is amazing for food shops - don't miss it.

    1. My husband & I really enjoyed C'amelot in the 11th arr. They offer only prix fixe lunches & dinners (we were there for their four-course dinner). It's a cozy restaurant with (high end) home-cooked meals. All that I remember at the moment is that we thought it was the best mid-upper range dinner, that fits your price range.

      1. Since you are staying in a central location, you will have no problem finding markets and cafes. There are bakeries, cheese and prepared food shops, wine stores all over central Paris. Paris also has open-air markets in every neighborhood. Just scroll down the French forum and you will find a couple of links that has the opening days and time for these markets. They will have everything you need for a good picnic.
        You will find many cafes by just strolling: in the 6th arr. around the Blvd St. Germain (the famous and expensive Deux Margot and Café de Flore), the Latin Quarter, le Marais, Montparness, around r. Cler in the 7th, around the L’Opera, and even a couple on the Champ-Elysee. Near your hotel, off the r. St. Honore, is the quaint Place du Marche, where you take breakfast or have coffee at Le Pain Quotidient.
        You are right that most restaurants are closed in August. A few that I like are that are open(do a search and there will probably be posts on them)
        Le Bouquiniste: facing the Seine in the 6th, very good modern French food, crowded and lively. It is has gotten a little expensive for the value; around 50E per person before wine.
        Z Kitchen Gallery: on a side street next to Le Bouquiniste; French/fusion, modern décor; around 60E pp before wine.
        Au Bon Accueil: near the Eiffel Tower, modern French food with warm setting. 40E pp before wine.
        Le Fontaine de Mars in the 7th; similar to Au Bon Accueil.
        As with the previous post, I also like the C'amelot very much but prix fix offers no choices (sometimes a choice of two main plats). I belive it is closed most of August but check.
        Also, most brasseries are opened in August. Though the food can be hit or miss, many have wonderful decors and atmosphere, especially Bofinger, Julien, La Coupole. Order the simple plats and you should have a nice meal.
        Get a good map and have a wonderful time exploring.

        1. Michelin & Zagat list a great many restaurants open in August. will give you three pages of spots that are near the Tuileries metro station. When in doubt, remember that all of the hotel restaurants are always open. No worries...really!