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Jul 6, 2006 09:02 PM

Romantic Dinner in London

My husband and I will be in London for our 1 year anniversary in August. Any suggestions for a romantic one-of-a-kind experience? We are open to any type of food and are willing to spend up to US$400 for the 2 of us.

We're staying in Mayfair and would like to stay relatively close to the hotel, although we would be willing to go further for an exceptional meal.

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  1. As regulars will know I really favor Le Gavroche for romance, service, ambiance, food, just you name it. They have a website, you can check the place out on line and also make a reservation. Their best deal is thier set price lunch which includes wine.

    A little less expensive but a beautiful and romantic room is at Lundum's in Old Brompton Rd. It will certainly be less expensive than LG but food,service and beauty are wonderful.

    Congrats on your anniversary. We celebrated our 29th at LG a couple of years ago and at Cambio de Tercio another time, it is Spanish and also terrific.

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      I second Le Gavroche. A cossetting, wonderful experience that will provide exquisite memories for years to come.

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        I'll third L.G., but please don't let them sit you in the booth next to the kitchen as they might do this on auto-pilot for someone they don't know. Demand, nicely of course, away from the kitchen. Maybe you should do both: L.G. for the set price lunch (approx. 1/3 {?} the cost of dinner there) and dinner elsewhere.

      2. I had a very enjoyable lunch at LG recently

        The cooking is slightly more bistro-ish than their dinner menu, but service remains sublime.

        Well worth a try

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        1. re: Simon Majumdar

          Wow, 72 pounds(*) ($130 USD) for the set-price lunch, including 12.5% service tip, and that's the affordable option! What would you estimate it would've cost you if you had something as similar as possible for dinner?

          (*) You did the same thing I did and ordered something extra. BTW, was the welcoming glass of champagne included or not (I can't remember)?

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            Simon, thanks for posting the link to your blog. I will never feel a bit intimadated about photographing my plates in a restaurant again. If you can do that at Le Gavroche i think I can too. When I said to one of my friends not long ago that I wanted to get a new digital camera, one which was smaller than I have now so I would be able to photographly plates more discreetly in restaurants she was stunned and said 'now I have heard everything!" Later she recanted and said after she thought about it, it did not seem so odd and that she had certaianly taken photos of things she had made and wanted to remember in detail. We had made discrete notes on our Palms at LG sort of under the table to remember the meal but the camera will come out in the future.

          2. Le Gavroche is a very safe bet indeed - although prices can be more than a little OTT... Another walkable possibility is Claridges, if you can book a table. However, if you can bear to go a little north of Oxford St into Marylebone High St, you'll find Orrery... The dining room (I think) is lovely (try and get a window table, although the booths are more intimate), the food always sensational (every time I've been there, at least) with commensurate service. Added bonus for an August visit - you can have a pre and /or post dinner drink on their roof... Have had some very special evenings there.

            1. Thanks for the recommendations! I've made a reservation at Le Gavroche, can't wait for an amazing meal!

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                Looking forward to your report!