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Jul 6, 2006 08:54 PM

Lunch recs in Cobble Hill

Does anyone know some good places to lunch around Cobble Hill? I'm thinking inexpensive (under $20 for entrees), good food is a given, and open to any cuisine. Also any places you would recommend for dessert? Thank you!

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  1. Mexicali (on Court off of Atlantic) advertises a $7.95 lunch special. Never been, but a few months ago a few posters had positive things to say about them. I also like Lobo, not sure about their lunch specials, but their prices are reasonable. I’m also fond of their bar, not specifically the drinks – which by the way I do recommend - but Lobo’s actual bar (and the wood) itself. The owners are really nice as well.

    Most of the middle eastern places on Atlantic (bet. Henry & Court) also have lunch specials or regular menu items for under $10. I think the restaurant near Ben & Jerry’s was advertising a lunch special of some sort. IMO Waterfalls is the best amongst them.

    Chip Shop (also on Atlantic near Clinton) is a good option for decent English pub fare. And if you like fried candy bars for desert then CS is your place.

    1. if you are anywhere near Chicory on Degraw and Clinton they have fantastic cupcakes. for eating I like Savoia on Sackett and Smith.

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        1. Waterfront Alehouse has good lunch specials

          1. Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Av. on the other side of the street from Sahadi's has very good food for very low prices. The only problem is that the portions are humongous, so it's best to go with another person and share. Appetizers are actually rather large main dishes, and the main dishes could feed three people. Make sure to help yourself to some Yemeni tea up front (one charge for unlimited refills), and make sure they give you some of that tasty Yemeni hot sauce. The service is friendly and welcoming but a little slow, and the atmosphere is that of a social club or community center. There is a little decor, most notably some posters of breathtaking pictures of Yemen.