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Jul 6, 2006 08:43 PM

Woo-hoo for the new

I really like the way my local board works now.

** The most recently created or added-to thread goes to the top of list.
** The "New" flag displays if a comment has been added since I last opened the thread.
** New posts display with a colored background as well as the aging tag.
** The whole discussion displays on one page.
** No one can edit the topic title so the distractions in the subject line is no longer an issue.
** I can edit to correct errors that are completely invisible until they are posted for the world to see.

Great job -- thanks to all who put this together!!

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  1. Also, I deeply appreciate all the new boards that have been added -- cookware, wine, media, various regions.

    Prayers were heard.

    1. I just found another woo hoo. Maybe everyone already knows this, but if you bookmark a thread, when you later go back to "My Chow" to review your bookmarks, you can tell the ones that have new posts in them because they are highlighted in yellow. Same with your "recent posts" that display on your "My Chow" page--the ones with new posts since the last time you looked are highlighted in yellow. Neat-o! I just wish the color were a bit brighter.