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Jul 6, 2006 08:40 PM


Hey fellow Chowhounders,
I'm craving for some seriously chocolatey brownies. I only like the fudgey types, the cakey ones turn me off. I've tried Amy's Bread, Milk & Cookies, and Dean & Deluca. Any places you would recommend?

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  1. you can try fatwitch brownies in chelsea market. They are kind of pricey for their size. They offer samples too so you can make sure it's the right consistency for you. I didn't think it was cakey the last time I had them.

    1. Yes I agree, Fatwitch brownies are particularly fudgey in my opinion. Enjoy!

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        I forgot to add Fatwitch. I didn't particularly liked their texture when I tried it, not fudgey enough.

        1. re: chocokitty

          imo, Fatwich brownies are more cakey than fudgey. That's why I prefer them.

          iirc, the "bake your own" brownies sold by Fresh Direct were too fudgey for me so perhaps that's an option for you.

      2. Might want to check out the brownies at the Chocolate Bar and Le Pain Quotidien.

          1. re: Diana182

            I've went to City Bakery two months ago and I've inquired if they sell them anymore and they've said they don't. They have the usual tarts, croissants (pretzel...yummy!), and cookies but no brownies.

          2. I think the brownies at Whole Foods are surprisingly good.