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Hey fellow Chowhounders,
I'm craving for some seriously chocolatey brownies. I only like the fudgey types, the cakey ones turn me off. I've tried Amy's Bread, Milk & Cookies, and Dean & Deluca. Any places you would recommend?

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  1. I've heard that City Bakery near Union Sq. had brownies to die for.

    1. Wm. Greenberg's on Madison Av.

      1. Fatwich, in the Chelsea Market, has a wide variety of delicious brownies. They offer samples, so you can taste and decide which ones you prefer.

        1. Le Pain Quotidien makes a great brownie.

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          1. re: The Engineer

            Boy, do I second that. Really good.

          2. City Bakery has the best brownies ever!! And btw, their hot chocolate is so rich and caloric it's almost like drinking a brownie. I've never had anything like it.

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            1. re: Schveinhund

              Yeah! And try their chocolate milkshake! Cold hot chocolate is almost as good as the milkshake, too!