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Jul 6, 2006 08:34 PM

all you can eat sushi in vegas

I have heard that Sushi on Rainbow has a pretty good all you can eat sushi lunch and dinner. I believe it's less than 30 bucks. has anyone had the AYCE there? or do you have any other recommendations in vegas for AYCE sushi? I'd like to get some sushi tonight.
thanks in advance!

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  1. I've eaten at Sushi on Tropicana (same management) several times. What makes the "on" places a step above the buffets is that sushi is prepared to order for you. Quality is decent, never more than that, but at least it's fresh. Service has always been excellent at the Tropicana branch -- there are problems only when customers order more than they consume, but they don't begrudge you eating a lot of food..

    1. Todai is located on the Strip in the Alladin Casino Hotel (or whatever it is called these days). They also have a location at the intersection of I-15 and Charleston in the Premium Outlets. What I have seen there is at best average.

      Mokino, located at Decatur and Flamingo Ave., does a really good job of presentation and a lot fresher product.

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        I can't speak about the other spots, but when I was visiting a friend in Vegas, he insisted on eating at Mokino, and I thought it was good for a sushi buffet.


      2. Todai is pretty bad for sushi. It's really gotten worse over the years. It's more of a buffet experience rather than a sit down order all you want restaurant.

        I actually decided to go to Sushi-Mon (off-strip) on Maryland Parkway near the 215. It's all you can eat for $25.95 (dinner). The great thing is it is open until 3am! The fish was very good. The only small complaint I had was that the rice under the fish would often fall apart. You order straight from the sushi chef who makes it right after you order. I've been to other good AYCE sushi places where you order from the bar and you often have to wait a while to get your order. Service at Sushi-Mon was very very fast. Their entire regular (non-all you can eat) menu is available for the all you can eat. You can order pretty much anything.

        They have fried oysters, chicken yakitori, edamame, tempura, egg rolls, baked yellowtail and salmon collar, seaweed salad and more on their appetizer menu. My favorite off of the appetizer menu was Ahi Tuna Poke.

        For nigiri, I would recommend the salmon, garlic tuna, yellowtail and the cajun seared albacore. The cajun albacore was delicious. The chef even hooked me up with a couple pieces of yellowtail belly. Each piece of yellowtail was marbled with fat and melted in my mouth. You can even order premium items such as Amaebi (sweet shrimp) and Uni (sea urchin). Only one order per person though on those items.

        They have 50 different kind of rolls including caterpillar and spider rolls. They had many unique rolls... tempura rolls, rolls wrapped in soybean paper, different variations of california rolls, spicy tuna, etc.. I had a roll with cajun seared albacore, avocado, soybean paper and ponzu sauce. It was very good.

        Dessert is also part of the all-you-can-eat. You can order fried tempura ice cream, lychee sorbet, plum sorbet, red bean ice cream, green tea ice cream. I ordered the lyuchee sorbet. It had fresh lychee fruit inside. It was a really good ending to the meal.

        I would highly recommend Sushi-Mon to anyone wanting a sushi fix including people that aren't necessarily looking for AYCE. Everything was very good quality and in my opinion better than the majority of a la carte sushi restaurants.

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          Thanks for this tip, Sumo. The "Sushi on" restaurants have similar policies but it sounds like the selection, especially of fish, is more interesting at "Mon."