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Jul 6, 2006 08:31 PM

Mrs. Winston's Grocery Salad Bar?

Is it really all that? Does it offer more than, say Whole Foods In Woodland Hills or Gelson's?

If not, where is the best Salad bar make-your-own with the widest variety of items, warm and fresh and cold?

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  1. Ooooh, Go Veggie on Centinela and Lucille- just a block north of Jefferson (right next to Marina Farms.) Great pre-made salads, lots of unusual options for your own salad concoctions and delicious hot foods like curried tofu and fresh vegatble soup. They make fresh fruit juices and smoothies right there too, god I love that place!

    I have been to Mrs. Winston's a few times- it's your standard salad bar- but it's pretty pricey if I recall correctly.

    1. I wouldn't call Mrs Winston's standard, unless your standard salad bar has 6-8 different types of greens, different varieties of chopped herbs, various sprout type stuff, turkey, chicken, tuna salad, 3-4 preparations of tofu, nuts and seeds of all varieties, fruit salads, berries, and every imaginable vegetable. A dozen salad dressings, crunchy toppings galore, etc. This is the one in century city - they may not all be the same. This place has the largest selection of any commercial salad bar I have seen. As for price, it is about $7/lb.

      1. It's definately a cut above most salad bars. Really fresh greens, tons of veggie options, nicely poached cheicken (among other meats), and some of the tastiest tofu dishes. There vegetarian chili is unbelievable and my coworker would never believe it didnt contain meat.

        1. I stand corrected- Mrs. Winston's does have plenty of exotic offerings- kale, radish sprouts, dandelion greens etc.; I just don't enjoy those things so when I think back on my visits there- I remember the choices I did like as "standard."

          Go for it though! It is very clean and I think on Fridays, at least at the location on Colorado in Santa Monica, you can try and guess the weight of your food to get it free. Agree that the veggie chili is delish!

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            The guess the weight thing is fairly gimmicky. You have to be exactly right to the penny. The other salad bar place that (thankfully) recently closed in century city - c2, you only had to be within 5 cents. I wonder how frequently Mrs Winstons gives anything away for free????

          2. Where is there a Mrs. Winstons now anyway? Years ago there was one in the ABC Center between the towers in Century City, but that was torn down. I had heard it moved to one of the buildings, but in 3 years working around there, could never find it. For the record, it was all that. Fresh, organic, great flavors- and obsessive salad bar!