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Jul 6, 2006 08:10 PM

WOO HOO! Second location for Shawarma King (Calgary)!

Just realised there's a western canada board!

The sad, sad, pathetic, sad "Greek Canadian Fast Food" is finally past its death throes and is becoming a Shawarma King! 14th St SW b/t 15 and 17 aves. I live in Bankview so I'm gonna smell like garlic sauce constantly.

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  1. I will also do my utmost to perfume the air of my neighborhood with the amazingly pungent garlic sauce. Thanks for sharing that info, I can't wait.

    1. geez, i thought i was close to their kensington location, but this location is gonna be ridiculously close. The kensington location is quickly becoming my favourite shawarma in town (yes, better than A&A, IMO). go for the plate instead of the sandwich; the amount of food is huge. the leftovers sure do stink up your fridge though. i hope they keep the late hours of the kensington location also -- i've always felt calgary suufered from a dearth of late night shawarma/donair places (late night spots in general...). seems out east it's the post-club food 'de rigueur', but here we have to settle for soggy pizza.

      1. A new A&A location is opening up on 4th street and 13th Ave. SW. Right along the dodgy strip where the 'Barbie Shop' used to be. The chicken shawarma is good there, but that guy is so annoying!

        1. Oh man, I hear ya, Jimmy never knows when to turn it off!

          Do you know when it's opening?

          1. I have no idea, its been sitting with a 'Opening Soon' sign for a couple months now awaiting renovations with a 'crazy' sign advertising that they are hiring. Will probably take forever to get it up and running with Calgary's labour shortage.

            Hopefully he stays up at the SAIT location. Whenever I am in there, I just pretend I am deaf or dont understand English. haha.
            In the meantime, I just get the Shish Tawook as take-out from Aida's. Deeeelish!

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            1. re: misscheeks

              Try shish tawouk at Shawarma Station in Kensinton (10 St by FFC futon)- he puts french fries in the sandwich, DECADENT

              1. re: John Manzo

                That's Greek-style Gyro with the fries in the sandwich. I never thought i'd see a place here that did that :)

                1. re: yen

                  Believe it or not, I had "gyro" with fries on it at... Opa Souvlaki. Unfortunately their bread was crap, the meat was almost non-existent, toppings were freezing cold- when you taste perfection in the Chicago area gyro places I grew up around (especially Parthenon Gyros in Madison, Wisc!), Opa is just an insult.

                  1. re: John Manzo

                    Hmm.. i don't need to guess how bad it was. They don't use real pita, their meat is frozen and poorly spiced, their fries arent even the right kind of fries to load into a Gyro. I remember i ate 4 or 5 a day when i was in bouncing around the islands. So cheap, and sooooo good.

                    You're right about it being an insult, but the average person doesnt know any better.

                    Im actually very sad about the quality of the greek in this town. I've tried all the big ones (Mykonos, Pegasus, Santorini, Broken Plate,etc) and i havent had a good greek experience at any of them. Anyone have anything better to recommend?

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      Yen, have you tried that one on 4th Street, Ouzo? I'm not an expert on Greek but have liked what I've had there. But then I also like Pegasus so maybe I should just not post. :)