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Jul 6, 2006 08:09 PM

Indian in Vancouver

Hi all,

Am planning a trip to Vancouver in a couple weeks and was excited to read a Times article on the local Indian food scene which featured several restaurants such as Vij's, Chutney Villa, Green Lettuce, and Tamarind Indian Bistro. I was also planning on Mahek since I will be in Surrey for most of the trip.

Curious to see what the locals' take on these places would be. Good South Indian is far too hard to find in my hometown (Edmonton) and good Indian Chinese would be a bonus.

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  1. Indian Chinese? Where have you found that? sounds promising...

    I find Vij's a little overrated. Bland... but their take-out place next door has really good options.

    1. Green Lettuce is supposed to be Indian Chinese. When I was in India, this was some of the best restaurant food of the trip - things like noodles with chili and garlic, wok fried basmati rice, potatoes and eggplant in a spicy stir fry, etc.

      1. My friends in Van are in west Mt Pleasant so we walked over to Chutney Villa and got a bunch of takeaway. Sorry to say we were not very impressed. After the 10-minute walk home the dosas (what we were really looking forward to) were way past crisp, almost as if they had been made ahead of time- they were in fact spongy, huge disappointment there. The dishes we got included one winner (a tofu preparation) but too many misses (the sambar that comes with everything is not even as good as the canned stuff we get at Superstore, eg). It was not cheap and frankly if you are in Edmonmton, save your money and drive down here to Calgary and go to Anpurna for MUCH better and cheaper dosas!

        Vancouver has next to no south Indian food so that might explain why anybody is extolling this place.

        1. try this dosa place on edmonds st burnaby.... got good south indian dishes...
          Dosza Garden

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            Saravana Bhavan is another.

            Chutney Villa - meh....still, dosas will wilt within ten seconds in a takeout container.

            I miss Del-hi Darbar which had excellent dosa.

            The House of Dosa is all about dosa...and do a great job at it.

            Quilon on Three Road in Richmond make great dosa as well.

            Green Lettuce indeed serves Hakka cuisine and many Indians frequent the place. Szechuan Chongqing on 12th at Commercial is another place frequented by Indians. Whenever I go, the clientele is nearly 100% Indian. Kalvin's on Victoria is another popular spot for Hakka.

          2. Since you are in Surrey, try Asian Spice for Indian Chinese. It kind of shares the same parking lot as Mahek. I've heard good things, but the few times I tried going, they were not opened.

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              LOL. I just noticed that this thread is two years old. Oh well...lots of good Indian recs.

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                Lol! I was reading the NY Times article and wondering why is pepper_mil is looking at a 2006 article. Of all the restaurants listed, I suppose only Tamarind Indian Bistro is not around anymore.