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Jul 6, 2006 07:55 PM

Best Pizzas in Manhattan

Need some advice on some great pizza in manhattan thanks

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  1. For sit-down pies traditional pies: Lombardi's, Grimaldis, John's, Patsy's, Arturos.

    For sit-down thin-crust pies: Una Pizza Napoletano, No.28 Carmine

    For slices: Joe's, Bleecker St. Pizza, DeMarcos, and allegedly the best...DiFaro in Midwood, Brooklyn

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      The best slice in Manhattan is Patsy's in east harlem

    2. Frank's on 23th Street between lexington and Park has a great slice. For brick oven I think Lombardi's on Spring is the best.

      1. I like frank's pizza too. It's a nice regular slice nothing fancy like coal oven slices like lombardi's and such.

        1. See my Pizza Top Ten that was moved to The Best Board

          1. gruppo on avenue b is among my favorite pizza places. got their mushroom pie with truffle oil last night and it was delicious as always. pepperoni is also good. nice flavorful sauce, super thin crust. friendly low key staff.

            rose water (f/k/a freddie)

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              Gruppo (and their sister Posto on 2nd and 17th) are both interesting. Crust is crackerlike, not dissimilar to Il Forno in Providence. Also some unusual toppings. I think I once had a merguez pizza at Posto.