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Jul 6, 2006 07:55 PM

Kentucky Diners,Cafeterias and Roadside Joints

I'll be travelling through Kentucky in August and need guidance on where to find the best of the region's food. I-75 through Northern Tennessee,Southern and Central Kentucky being of particular interest.
I've eaten at the first KFC in Corbin and toured the small museum but other than that.....

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  1. Try Boone Tavern in Berea for great food served by college students. Always is near the top of regional offerings. Exit 77.
    For fish, etc you could check out Hall's on the River, about 6 miles east of exit 95.
    Also any of the State Resort Parks have good regional fare.
    Cumberland Falls, west of I-75 between exits 15 & 25.

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      I ate at Boone Tavern once as teen and remember it as being a "fancy"place.Not sure if the tradition holds but are there any other spots in Berea that are mom and pops,barbecues or greasy spoons?Thanks

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        I love Boone Tarvern...yum spoonbread!....but I don't find it to be as fancy as I remember as a kid. Of course I stilll "dress" when I go because my mama would have it no other way but I see people dressed in all different ways.
        Love Halls....I miss beer cheese so much!
        I love the food at Cumberland Falls State Parks Dupont Lodge....great regional foods in a lovely setting.I got married on the patio there!

    2. Biancke's restaurant in Cynthiana Kentucky is the " real thing " Wonderful pie, evverything home made.Been around since 1894. There's a website, but I don't know how to attach that. Just google it.

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        Thanks.I jumped online and it sounds like what I'm looking for.I'll report back in August.

        1. Travelled to London Kentucky last night and dined at a roadside joint called Burger Boy...established in 1961.David Allan Coe on the jukebox and an open kitchen where the young chef plied his trade admirably....had the Fried Chicken Wing platter and they were perfect...nicely seasoned[Bauter Better Chicken]served with a thin,delicious Ranch,your standard Iceberg Salad and good,crispy crinkle fries.The waitress was a peach[hailing from nearby Manchester]sassy and helpful...kept the coffee coming and charmed my dad's socks off.Looking forward to trying a hand cut ribeye or some Salt cured Ham.

          1. The pork tenderloin is very good too.Their strawberry pie is yummy as well.I have never been there in the daytime...only after midnight.

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              Recent[last Summer] visits to Burger Boy found them hitting on all cylinders.They're no longer 24/7 though.

              Preparing for another trip through the region[north I-75 from Knoxville to Lexington Kentucky] and interested in recent finds along the corridor.

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                I'm taking a trip down 75 south from ohio to florida in a few weeks. I will definitely have to check Burger Boy out. Hopefully I'll make some other finds too... I'm thinking about taking a slight detour for Benton's Bacon.

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                  That's a very slight detour, about 15 or so minutes off the road and you'll pull into Benton's parking lot. Make sure you buy a country ham. It'll run less than a $100 and will be the finest meat you ever ate. Especially if you'll age it an extra year like I did.


                  Here's how I breathed life into it.

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                    Extra year? I like where your head's at.

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                  When I talked to my mama and daddy last night they were having fried chicken salads from Burger Boy!