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Jul 6, 2006 07:36 PM

private room for rehearsal dinner- cobble hill/carroll gardens

My fiance and I are looking for a place to hold our rehearsal dinner in early November. The party will be around 25 people and we would like to have a private room in a restaurant. Right now, we are leaning towards booking the carriage house at Frankies, but I was curious if there are any other suggestions. We would love to stay in the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area (where we live) but any suggestions for places in nearby neighborhoods (Heights, DUMBO, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Fort Greene) are welcome.

We are getting married in Manhattan, but as very happy, long time Brooklyn residents, it is important for us to have the festivities kick off in Kings County. Thanks in Advance for all of your help.

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  1. Have you considered Cafe Carciofo on Court and Kane st? I always recommend them to people. They have very good, solid Italian food. I had my rehearsal dinner there and they did a great job - affordable, too. They have a private back room, and everyone was happy with the menu. Excellent service.

    1. I just got married in May and we had our rehearsal dinner at Frankie's. (We also got married in Manhattan but live in B'klyn and wanted to do something in the area for our rehearsal) We had 25 people and it was fantastic. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was great, and they served excellent wines. I highly recommend it. We also thought the prices were reasonable. I think the food is a notch above Cafe Carciofo.

      1. If you have 25 people then you might *just* fit into the private wine cellar of Convivium Osteria on 5th Ave in Park Slope.

        Call them up, meet Michelle, the owner, and have a GREAT time.

        I posted here right after I held an event there 18 months ago -- here's the link:


        Peter in the Heights

        1. I got married last November, and we had our rehearsal dinner at Five Front restaurant in DUMBO. I should mention that ours was on a Thursday-- I'm not sure if they charge more on a Friday night. But everyone enjoyed the meal and the space, and the service was excellent. My sister in law is still talking about her dinner there, and even went back last time she was in town.

          1. Hands down Caffe Carciofo we had several affairs there and many friends also you will not be dissapointed