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Jul 6, 2006 06:50 PM

questions re: ten tables and oleana's patio

my SO is leaving the country in about a week and i want to have one or two nice, romantic dinners with him before he goes. i've been to oleana once before in colder weather; i enjoyed it, but thought the first courses (and the dessert) outshone the mains. was thinking it'd be nice just to share some small plates/apps out on the patio as some people say they do at the bar, but am a little worried about feeling uncomfortable ordering just a few things out there. is this likely to be an issue?

i'd also like to check out ten tables before he goes. any opinions on whether it'd be better to place ourselves in their hands for the tuesday wine dinner, or to go and pick three on wednesday?

thanks in advance,

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  1. quick followup report; we didn't make it to ten tables, but had a lovely meal of apps and desserts on oleana's patio last night. whipped feta with sweet and hot peppers reminded me of an upscale (and yummy) version of the pimento cheese i hated as a kid. creamy, salty deviled eggs deserve their high praise.

    one app special - flatbread with sesame seeds and other herbs and pomegranate molasses, topped with fresh mozzarella and some sort of lemony greens (nasturtium?).

    on to my favorite, the sultan's delight. great combo of stringy beef with a sweet-sour tamarind tang, eggplant with pine nuts, and a basil leaf to nibble on.

    the lamb kebab also belnded well with its accompanying tomato jam, yogurt sauce, and walnuts.

    i was generally impressed by the balance of flavors in each dish--nothing overwhelmed, but each flavor was present. my SO commented that restaurants with puffed-up descriptions on their menus often disappoint, but these actually exceeded his expectations. he was also pretty pleased when they brought out the baked alaska at the end.

    1. Did you have to wait long for your patio table at Oleana? I've got a res there in a couple of weeks, on a fri night, hoping to get out on the patio (but they don't take reservations specifically for the patio)...trying to get an idea on what the wait might be like.

      1. we showed up around 8, maybe 8:15, and waited about 20 minutes to sit out on the patio.