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Frequent Safari crashes

Your AJAX is borked in Safari.

Frequently on posting replies, Safari will crash when updating page content.

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  1. Still happening, FYI.

    There are Mac users out there in the universe, guys.

    Two different machines, and posting replies crashes the browser roughly 70% of the time.

    1. I've had no problems with Firefox on Mac, Josh. Maybe consider switching browsers?

      1. I'm using Safari too, and it has crashed twice on Chowhound this morning--once when I was posting (the post did go through, though the browser crashed) and once when I was just reading a post. I may look into trying Firefox.

        1. Yeah - the posts go through OK. It's when the post needs to be written to the browser after submission that the problem occurs.

          1. Except now it just worked fine. :P

            1. It's still happening.
              It's not just when posting a reply; sometimes I'm just switching from one board to another.

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              1. re: zorra

                I have this problem on occasion...When it does, I do make a 'report' to Apple in the box provided...

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  just happened to me again...again I made a report....it actually "forgets" my name and password for all my email accounts on gmail, yahoo etc...I have to reenter ALL of these again, everytime Safari crashes....

                2. re: zorra

                  It's happening to me more lately. Perhaps the MacOSX security update the other day ...

                  1. re: Jim Dorsch

                    From your mouth...to the cooking gods ears!

                3. I use three different macs on this site and I've never had a problem running safari. When I have had a problem elsewhere emptying my cache often solved it.