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Jul 6, 2006 06:45 PM

Best Bang for my Cluck? ISO Chicken Close to the Inner Richmond

I am looking for a delicious pre-cooked chicken for dinner tonight.

My usual defaults are Albertsons or Safeway now that Cala is gone, but there MUST be something better near by. I don't care what type of chicken it is so long as it is moist, juicy and delicious.

Cheap (under $5)
Close (Located at 2nd Ave. and Geary, so hopefully walking distance or at least have a parking lot if I have to drive)
Open past 7 P.M.

Thanks for the help ‘hounds!


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  1. You could walk over to Clement and go to one of the Chinese charcuteries for steamed chicken with ginger sauce. Half a chicken shouldn't set you back much more that five bucks. Sorry, no specific recommendations, since I buy my chickens in Oakland. I did used to go to a place on the north side of the street about half way between Arguello and Park Presidio. They had good ducks and wonderful chow mein and a colorful tile facade as I recall.

    1. When I tried BBQ and Noodle Garden on Geary, it had a grand opening special of a whole free-range chicken for $6.99. Its steamed or poached, like the slices in the photo of my post, and comes with ginger sauce. You can ask them to cut it in half for you to make it easier to section when you get home --- that's what I do. Or they'll chop it into bite size pieces.

      Here's the post -

      1. Arguello Super Market ("home of the famous turkey sandwich") has rotisserie chickens, although I think they are more like $7 - but maybe they will sell you half. I haven't tried them (frankly, I keep forgetting they are there), but I do like their turkey. They are on Arguello at McAllister and are open until 8 pm.