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Jul 6, 2006 06:44 PM

Intimate Portuguese restaurants in the Ironbound?

I'm heading to the Newark Museum on Saturday and would like to first grab some lunch at a Portuguese restaurant in Newark. I've been to some of the larger restaurants that are more Spanish influenced, and have been to Seabra's Marisqueira several times, but I was wondering if there were any smaller, more-intimate places around to be tried. I remember reading something about Poeta - has anyone been there?

(Here's a Sietsema review of the place:


Anything else in a similar vein? I'd particularly like to find a restaurant serving Porto-style (and more northern Portuguese) dishes.

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  1. I've passed Poeta but never eaten there but after reading this review I want to. I've walked around Ironbound a lot, and there are a lot of smaller places beyond the point where Ferry doglegs and forks with Wilson(both along Ferry and along Wilson) Also a few along Lafayette and Elm parallelling Ferry.

    Lately I always seem to go to Casa Vasca. It's not what you have in mind, but one day you should give it a try. Here's my post about it:

    1. Yeah - I've hit Casa Vasca in the past. I enjoy it, but don't love it. I'll go for a walk along Ferry and Wilson and see if I can find anything interesting.

      1. Poeta is now closed and has been replaced by a place called Xtacy Bar and Restaurant (or something similarly cheesey.) That stretch of Wilson - besides the wonderful Tapajos River Steakhouse - didn't seem to have much of interest. The rest of the Portuguese restaurants we passed were of the meat, meat, and more meat variety, which we weren't exactly feeling. Since the Portugal-Germany game was about to start, we ran to our backup - Seabra's Marisqueira. So the search for some smaller, more homestyle Portuguese restaurants in the Ironbound continues. On a bright note - I picked up several vinho verdes and a nice bottle of cachaca at Oporto wines on Ferry. They have an extensive selection of ports and colheitas, too.

        1. My personal fave is "A Nossa Casa" on Ferry Street, just before it branches off into Wilson Av ("Cinco Esquinas" as the locals call it). It's intimate, un-touristed, often smoky; half the place is a dining room and the other half is a pub/bar with counter seating--perfect for a meal on your own or with friends. Even if you go alone, Portuguese satellite TV will be your dining companion. The food is homey, impeccably prepared, and in generous portions. Frango no churrasco, bacalhau à Gomes de Sa, carne à alentejana, gambas à Moçambique, etc. And once you're done, wash it all down with a pastel de nata across the street at Teixeira's. Bom apetite! (I'm getting hungry just from writing this...)

          1. My fave is Coimbra, at 637 Market -- a longish but by no means infeasible walk from Penn Station. It is also the most intimate of the Ironbound restaurants I have tried