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Jul 6, 2006 06:32 PM

Tuscany Vinyard visits. [Moved from Wine]

A friend of a friend is going to Tuscany and asked me for help tracking down vinyards for them to visit. Does anyone have any input? Your help would be MOST appreciated. I've never been to Italy and have no idea how to help these people.

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  1. avignonesi vineyards, then go visit the towns of montepulciano, and pienza

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      YES yes, go to Avignonesi. If they do not eat lunch there, they can drive to Pienze after and eat at Latte di Luna. Or eat in Montepulciano.

    2. Just got back from a week in Castellina in Chianti and virtually anytime you are off the autostrada you can just follow signs for local producers. Try Rocca Della Macie (

      1. I second the Rocca Della Macie rec. We sampled about 12 wines on a recent visit for free! of course we bought some on the way out.

        the tourism board puts out a map for 2.50 euros of all the chianti producers under their consortium... their symbol is the black rooster. We you drive along the country roads just look for the black rooster and there are hundreds of wineries that are open for tasting. the map merely provides you with a guide of which of the "big" ones you want to visit.

        Had my first taste of some Super Tuscans and I must say it was a revelation.

        1. If you are doing trips of the vineyards in Tuscany. Visit Volpaia which has the most amazing views and idyllic setting above Radda in Chianti; Fonterutoli very close to Castellina (totally delicious wines) and you cannot forget under any circumstances Castello di Brolio as it was there that chianti classico began - near Gaiole.....the Rocca Guicciarda is to die for

          1. My wife and I visited Castello di Gabbiano near Greve. An excellent vineyard.