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Jul 6, 2006 06:30 PM

Brunch at Memphis Minnie's- My new 'guilty' pleasure

OK, I don't feel all that guilty about it, but man... every time I go I'm left with the glow of someone who just did something they might want to consider feeling guilty about.

You wouldn't expect it from a BBQ joint, but they have phenomenal French toast (New Orleans Pain Perdue with strawberry compote.) So light and crispy that my suspicion is that it hits the fryer in some capacity. The strawberry compote is full of whole strawberries. I can't say enough about how fantastic this French toast is- neck-and-neck with Liberty Cafe and a step above Kate's Kitchen (which I feel is a little overrated every time I eat there.)

The BBQ Brisket hash with poached eggs is spicy and smoky and full of chunks of brisket. Break the egg over the top and it tones down the spice and salt to a perfect level. It's served with a cornbread muffin that is all a cornbread muffin should be- discernable bits of corn meal with a nice bite held together loosely by the batter and slathered with butter.

The house cured bacon is phenomenal as well. I like my bacon on the better-done side, but with the bacon at MM, I take it just as they serve it. I dip mine in the strawberry compote.

My only complaint is that they no longer serve Blenheim's Extra Hot Gingerale. And parking can be a pain.

If you're looking for brunch in the area, I suggest you put Memphis Minnie's on the list- another added bonus is that the times I've been there the line hasn't been more than 2 people deep and there's been an open table waiting!

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  1. Nor should you feel guilty about brunch at MM's :) I'm a corned beef hash fan myself, but since it is the house of BBQ brisket, I definitely give the thumbs up to their hash and eggs! I've not tried the bacon, but since I am a fan of all things porcine, I'll definitely have to circle back around to give it a whirl. Now, I'm not sure what to make of the dipping of the bacon in the straberry compote (that may well be your true guilty pleasure), but then again, I have a friend who was using a thick slice of Hobbs Applewood smoked bacon as a swizzle stick in her Mojito one fine Sunday morning, so perhaps you're onto something :)

    a sante,

    1. Is this the new place that moved from SF to College Ave in Oakland?

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        Nope, Memphis Minnie's is a BBQ joint in the Haight. Miss Millie's a.k.a. Millie's was a great breakfast joint in Noe Valley that is relocating to College Ave. in Oakland. Hopefully it will be opening soon as I miss their Chilaquiles and Churros :)

      2. No, it's not- but you are not the first person to think I was talking about someplace that was in Oakland. there must be two Mephis Minnies? This is the place on Haight St. that has been there since Spaghetti Western left in 1998 or so. (RIP Spaghetti Western, greasy as all get-out, but I loved that place!)