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Jul 6, 2006 06:26 PM

1 Restaurant in Faneuil Hall?

I'm going to be taking a day trip to Faneuil Hall in the near future - if you could only go to 1 restaurant in the immediate area, what would be your choice?

My only requirements are: casual attire won't be a problem (it'll probably be hot, and I'll be shopping in Faneuil Hall all day), and it's the sort of place I can bring my 2 year-old niece without feeling like the jerk that brought the kid.

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  1. Durgin Park. Informal, kid-friendly, good food, and a bit of history. The big downside is it's a tourist destination (I won't say tourist trap, as it delivers the goods), so it may be crowded, especially if you go on a weekend. Most anything else in the area is either too grownup, too trendy, or a chain.

    1. Durgin Park is a great idea. Outside or downstairs at Kingfish Hall could be okay.

      1. Second on Durgin Park. The food is consistently good and the noise level will outmatch the unruliest of 2 year olds!

        1. Might want to consider Union Oyster House around the corner as well. This too gets some tourists but at least retains an air of historical authenticity, and what I've ordered there has been pretty good too.

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            O please avoid Union Oyster House. The food is terrible. The only thing they have that is worth the trip is the oyster bar and that is definitely not kid friendly.

            Durgin Park is a good suggestion.

            Legal is across from the Aquarium and Tia's for lunch may not be bad. It would provide outdoor seating, but not great food.


          2. Durgin Park, absolutely.

            Definitely the most interesting and unique choice among the chain places in Quincy Market. It's very kid friendly, wallet friendly, and tummy friendly. Try the Prime Rib and Clam Chowder, and the Indian Pudding for dessert.