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Jul 6, 2006 06:21 PM

San Antonio Brunch

I'm planning a farewell brunch for the day after my wedding and am trying to figure out what's out there in San Antonio that would be good for 75-100 people (I live in Manhattan, otherwise I'd probably be doing research on foot). Are there any good restaurant websites for the San Antonio area or can anyone suggest a few places that might work? Something in a mid-range price level and preferably a buffet. Thanks so much!

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  1. I'd suggest Las Canarias, which offers a champagne brunch buffet on Sundays. LC is not in the mid-range price-level for San Antonio, but their food is inventive, well executed, and delicious. Another plus is that the restaurant, located in a hotel on the River Walk, is beautiful, with stone courtyards, balconies on separate levels, and good private spaces for parties. They seem to do a lot of wedding receptions.

    The King William Historic District's Guenther House is another possibility. It's located in a restored home along the San Antonio River; both the building and extensive grounds are lovely. GH doesn't offer a buffet brunch, but they serve breakfast all day and the prices are moderate. Among the breakfast choices are very good waffles, excellent biscuits and gravy, and tasty pancakes (their lunch choices, in my opinion, are much less interesting). You'd probably have to rent out the roof garden to ensure a tranquil meal for such a large group.

    Best of luck to you,