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Jul 6, 2006 06:12 PM

Blue Ribbon Sushi Slope

We are regulars to the many locations of this local chain fame, and found for the first time that the service at the Slope location for Sushi had slipped beyond measure. For two, we spent 150+, and felt as though we had been ripped off. Waited for what seemed like years for water. Then again for our Sake. And yet again for the food. Hot dishes were cold, and on and on. Anyone else out there had a similar deal here lately?

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  1. I know that many people rave about BRS. My one and only experience was so poor, I have not returned. The a/c was broken- ok that happens and I was aware of it before I sat down- but the squid was so chewy, I nearly choked on it. And the other sushi that we ordered was so- so at best. Two places in Bay Ridge- Nouvelle and Bangkok Tokyo and Taro in PS are way better...

    1. We had similar experience about 2 weeks ago at the "regular" Blue Ribbon on Fifth. Service was adequate if nothing special, but then we ate dinner at about 6:30, just before the big crowds moved in. What was upsetting was that we spent a lot of money on a rather dull meal.

      For ex., my artichoke appetizer was nothing more than a steamed (and undercooked at that) artichoke, sitting pretty much alone on a plate with a "fancy" dip on the side. I could have cooked it at home without breaking a sweat, which is NOT what I'm looking for when I'm spending this much. We won't be returning soon.

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        Yeah, this is a common complaint about BR. The key to understanding it, I think, is that it is isn't really "fine dining" - it's fancy comfort food. We've only been a few times, but we always find it to be a very relaxing and satisfying experience.

        1. re: scooter

          LOL. For $150 for two, I better get good service, even if it is "comfort food."

          1. re: rginps

            Well, that's a slight exaggeration at the cost - I'd say more like $100 for two is fairer. And PJK referred to sevice that was "adequate if nothing special" - personally, that isn't my threshold for complaint-worthiness. I find the servers to be refreshingly laid-back, myself.

      2. I love blue ribbon suhi, but only the Manhattan location. Huge difference in my mind. The sushi at the Soho location is about as good as it gets in my mind....

        1. Blue Ribbon is a dump like most of the sushi places in Park Slope. When I was there the sushi was way too cold and tasteless. This sems to be a trend with other sushi places as well. Either fish that is like block ice or fish that is warm as a sidewalk. Try Taro located on Dean between 5th Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when they receive fish from Japan.

          1. agreed with most of the posts. i think blue ribbon needs to be called out for its mediocrity and high prices once and for all.