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Jul 6, 2006 05:39 PM

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Where can I find a bakery with the best chocolate chip cookies in Washington D.C.? I would like to buy a box of cookies as a small gift. Thanks.

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  1. Would you settle for cupcakes, instead? If so, try Cake Love on U Street, NW.

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    1. re: swifty

      Have yet to hear a good thing about Cakelove - steer clear.

      Breadline has wonderful cookies (their adult oreo is divine) but I have never had their chocolate chip cookies. The walnut thumbprints were tasty too.

      1. re: swifty

        If you're going to CakeLove in search of chocolate chip cookies, try the chocolate chip scones. A little salty and very moist; I'd recommend them over the cupcakes, even.

        1. re: abbycooks

          I haven't figured out why so many people love CakeLove. The cupcakes are ok but not the best I've ever had. The cake is also good but not best in DC. Overla, I don't think any of the cakes/cupcakes are worth the price that they charge. Breadline is good as is Marvelous Market. For chocolate chip cookies I'd go to Firehook bakery.

      2. I've always liked the sweet baked fare at Marvelous Market. If you're willing to go across the river, Pastries by Randolph in Arlington (Lee Heights Shops) will do you right, as will Mother's Macaroons, also in Arlington.

        I, and others I suspect, will advise you to steer clear of Cake Love. I've been numerous times and I think it's awful. Dry, tasteless offerings that would still be a rip off at a tenth the price.

        I'm sure there are far better places to get good cookies in the city.

        Cocinero Cubano

        1. Definitely avoid CakeLove. Worst thing in town - overpriced, dry cakes and slimy gross frosting.

          For good cookies, I really like Au bon Pain. They have a very good soft chocolate chip cookie. Also, their english toffee cookie is to die for delicious! And, they've just introduced some new flavors including a key lime sugar cookie that is really good. They do offer bakery boxes - they are white boxes with the yellow ABP logo printed on the side.

          1. Agree ABP cookies are good, but I would like something a bit more local. What a uniform response to that first post on Cake Love!!

            1. Au Bon Pain cookies are good. I guess I'll be the dissenting voice on Cakelove. Some of the baked fare on occasions is not the greatest but overall I would recommend; at least try once and form your own opinion.