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Jul 6, 2006 05:33 PM

Lucky House Seafood

A new restaurant called Lucky House Seafood (10 Tyler) opened in Chinatown this week in the space vacated by Noodle Alcove. I originally stated in another post that the menu looked pretty ordinary and Limster added thta they had at one point advertised in their window that they would specialize in Fuzhou dishes. I got lunch there and took one for the team. The good news is that they have an inserted mennu that is far more interesting than their generic takeout menu with items that i've not seen before including thick soups and seafood that i associate with Fuzhou (not an expert). Interesting-sounding items include: Murex (conch or abalomne?)with lily bud and X.O.chili sauce, scrambled egg with scallop and roe, sauteed salted meat with dried shrimp and loofah, baked crab with sweet corn and butter, sauteed clam with egg yolk, coral clam with preserved vegetable and 4 or 5 frog dishes. . Fish balls shows up in a couple of dishes and I take it as a good sign that they offer fried sole balls at market price. For lunch, i tried the mixed seafood thick soup that had a lot of fish maw with minced shrimp, squid and crab with egg white. Not bad but not very flavorful. Also the soup wasn't thick enought o suspend the seafood bits so it was more of a layered thing. I'll reserve final judgement for a better challenge to the menu but soup is usually a good test of a chef's talent. Hope others check it out as well.

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  1. Thanks for trying it out. And nice to run into you last week! Hopefully your cold is better. :-)

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, yumyum. The cold is lingering but it gives me the opportunity to try soups in different Chinatown locales. Last week: wonton and beef brisket from Hong Kong eatery, Pho from Xin Xinh (where we met) and the aforementioned Lucky House. It was also nice meeting you, Nine lives and Michaelb. I hope that your meal was up to par.

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        I haven't posted about the Xinh Xinh meal because it really wasn't spectacular -- the beef stew with baguettes to dip was GREAT. Very pleasant 5-spice flavor as you indicated. But the bun rieu and banh xeo were just average. We had a pork and shrimp salad that was okay. Nice nice people though. I'd like to find more real gems on that menu.