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Jul 6, 2006 05:31 PM

Best Iced Coffee?

What does everybody think?

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  1. I love a place called "Javaboy" on 8th Ave. near 22nd. st.The iced coffee is really strong and doesn't dilute quickly.

    1. the Vietnamese kind of iced coffee, with condensed milk, is super. Usually you can get it any any vietnamese rest. or bahn mi place. Pho Tu Do on the Bowery is one example in Manhattan.

      The lemonade (NOT the salty kind) is also usually very refreshing at these places.

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      1. il laboratorio de gelato makes good stuff. they use frozen cubes of coffee instead of ice, so the drink doesn't get watery.

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          thats genius. im goin to check it out.

          1. Verb Cafe, in Williamsburg in the MiniMall. The other coffee drinks they make are pretty OK, but the iced coffee is cold-brewed, and the difference is striking.